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Summa Metaphysica by David Birnbaum
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October 9, 2014


Stanford University QCN, Stanford / Accelerating, The Accelerating Universe, David Birnbaum's potentialism at-work?

Philosophical breakthrough? The core theme of Summa Metaphysica – and David Birnbaum’s signature concept – is his proposed Quest for Potential; But, how does David Birnbaum’s proposed philosophy theory handle the key aspects of his core proposition? See https://www.summametaphysica.com/the-birnbaum-theorem/

August 22, 2014

Lloyd v. Birnbaum

Stanford University QCN, Lloyd v Birnbaum, The Universal Computer and the Cosmic Womb

core Birnbaum Metaphysics:
Cosmic Womb of Potential dynamic:
Quest for Potential∞ (Q4P) >
Complexification (C+) >
Extraodinariation (E+)

For David Birnbaum philosophy, metaphysics, see also https://www.summametaphysica.com/future-tech/.

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