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Summa Metaphysica by David Birnbaum
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November 9, 2014

Dice / Einstein

New Zealand Times, Dice / Einstein, God does not play dice with the universe, ...C+

Cutting-edge philosophy, cosmology and metaphysics courtesy of Summa Metaphysica. For philosopher David Birnbaum’s hypothesized C+ (Complexification) and the Big Bang: see https://www.summametaphysica.com/trajectorycomplexification/


September 22, 2014

Birnbaum & Kaku

New Zealand Times, Birnbaum & Kaku, Potentialism & Modern Cosmology: Juxtaposing David Birnbaum v. Michio Kaku


August 26, 2014

MIT-Birnbaum v. Cambridge

New Zealand Times, MIT-Birnbaum v. Cambridge, Cutting-edge Science v. Intellectual Torpor

June 12, 2014


New Zealand Times, NewZealand-Challenging, Challenging the Entrenched Orthodoxy

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Cosmic Womb of Potential dynamic:
Quest for Potential∞ (Q4P) >
Complexification (C+) >
Extraodinariation (E+)

For David Birnbaum philosophy, metaphysics, see also www.EpochPotentialism.com.

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