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New Paradigm Matrix is a multi-media “platform” – based out of Manhattan – which typically publishes works simultaneously in three modalities:

Hardcover for Amazon et al. [ see www.AmazonX1000.com ]

eBooks [ see www.eReader1000.com ]

Flip-books online [ see www.NewParadigmMatrix.com ]

Additionally, the “platform” www.NewParadigmMatrix.com features YouTube videos [ see www.YouTubeX1000.com ] relating to symposiums et al. focused on the works.

As well, the platform has other contemporary offerings including Birnbaum’s Manhattan Observer column [ see www.Observer1000.com ]

New Paradigm Matrix endeavors to publish works, which are vibrant and cutting-edge, if not paradigm changers.

David Birnbaum, a graduate of Harvard University, is editor-in-chief of New Paradigm Matrix – as well as the author of several of the works. In addition he is co-editor of the works in the Masorah Matrix division series.


Birnbaum’s iconic work God and Evil – which introduced his new paradigm Quest for Potential hypothesis, was originally published by KTAV (Jersey City, NJ) in 1988. Four subsequent printings followed in the 1989-2000 period. KTAV still offers the work in its catalogue.

New Paradigm Matrix offers the work as Volume I of 2-volume Summa Metaphysica.



New Paradigm Matrix



New Paradigm 21st Century Cosmology, Metaphysics, Philosophy:
Summa Metaphysica presents the David Birnbaum philosophy of Cosmic Potential.


For David Birnbaum philosophy, metaphysics, see also www.SuperLaw1000.com.