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c. early 1938, pre-Kristallnacht (late1938), Berlin
“We now have [USA immigration] ‘papers’…Your mother and I are leaving Germany to America
WITHIN 45 DAYS – with or without you…the Nazis will murder us all”

– Cantor Mayer Birnbaum
(grandfather of David B)
to his five children [ages ~10-22] (Chanah, Malka, Andor, Goldie, Benzion)
who were recalcitrant to leave their home base
[4 of the children joined the parents on the journey…to Madison,Wisconsin;
the oldest, Chanah, went on Aliyah to British Mandate ‘Palestine’ with her boyfriend]

c. 1945 ( Milwaukee, WISC.)
“Avenge the murder of my father”
– Cantor Mayer Birnbaum a”h
/ inscribed in his tikkun
(a Torah-reading study-guide)
[ for definition, see entry: tikkun (book) WIKI ]
giving a directive to his descendants
re: the execution/murder of his father
Rabbi David Aryeh Birnbaum a”h
[patriarch of the Birnbaum clan]
when the Nazis entered Solva, Czechoslovakia, his base.
[ note: the complete full name of his great grandson and namesake,
David B, author of Summa,
is, as well, actually – David Aryeh Birnbaum ]

c. 1957 (Birnbaum household, Forest Hills, Queens) [David B, age 6-7]
“David – You need to protect your eyes…To maintain your eye strength, you must always use both a ceiling light PLUS a focus lamp when reading at night; someday you may be a writer”
– Rhoda Birnbaum (artist & mother of David B)
upon seeing David B reading the Hardy Boys series in the evenning

c. 1959 (FRI night Shabbat dinner, Birnbaum household, Forest Hills)
“In the long term, particularly the long term, the pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword.”
– Andor J, Birnbaum
illuminating (French writer) Emile Zola’s iconic defense of (the framed)
[Jewish-French General Staff officer] DREYFUS
in Zola’s electrifying (JAN 1898) J’accuse… ! ‘open letter’ (to the president of France)
on the front page of L’Aurore (Paris)

c. 1962 ( Forest Hills, Queens, NYC )
“No matter what anyone claims, Judaism has not to-date solved Theodicy”
[Theodicy is, of course, the classic theological problem of God and evil]
The classic Theodicy philosophical conundrum: If there is a God
who is all-powerful and all-merciful, why is there gross evil?
– Andor J. Birnbaum a”h
( late father of David B. )
chatting on front porch of family home /
Shabbat afternoon / both father & son dressed for shul /
before our ~28-minute walk to shul for mincha (early evening service)

c. 1962 (University of Chicago Press), The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn
[how a reactionary segment of the academic establishment – with a vested-interest in the status quo –
inevitably deals with new proposed theories]
“First they ignore you; then, if your theory (somehow) gets some traction, they attack your theory; then if you somehow get still stronger, they try to co-opt you and plagiarize you; then, when all else fails for them, they re-group and emote – ‘Brilliant, but it was obvious all along!’ “.
– axiom (paraphrase) re: Paradigm Shift revolutions

c. JUN 1964, Graduation Ceremonies sideline, Main Auditorium, Yeshiva of Forest Hills, Queens, NY
“Next time we don’t show the Principal the speech in advance, no matter how he couches the demand”
– Valedictory Speech coach of David B
to David’s sisters
after Rabbi Dr. Morris Charner,
Principal of Yeshiva of Forest Hills
lifted 60% of David B’s speech
for his own presentation –
10 minutes prior to David B’s keynote address

c. spring 1967 [ junior year in Yeshiva University High School, Manhattan ]
“Mr Birnbaum; I understand that you are “the Exilarch”
[the historical Establishment ‘informal communal head’ of all global Jewry across the Diaspora
– in the Middle Ages] ;
but, respectfully, I do make-the-rules here”

– Senior Talmud teacher (and quasi-legend) Rav Shmuel Scheinberg

JUN 1968: Elchanite

c. Summer 1968, Kibbutz Lavi, northern Israel (near Lake Tiberias)
“Mr Birnbaum… I think you belong better in ‘management'”
– Hanan Golan, the kibbutz manager
to David B
– after Mr. Hanan checked on David B and friend
(and high school classmate from NY) Andy Eicherholtz
who were picking tomatoes (or somesuch) – first day –
as volunteers on the kibbutz… “…Andy can stay”
(My being exiled from the tomato-picking orchard to the kibbutz office was bittersweet ;)

c. 1973, Cambridge, MASS, the ‘kosher house’
“Don’t shoot; I’m checking-out the wiring – for your housemate Jon”
– a random grad student of some sort
who David B challenged when he heard and then found him
puttering-around the basement of the [large, but non-Prime Time]
‘kosher house’ adjacent to Harvard
[three femmes – 2nd Floor apartment; 2 guys – Street-level apartment]
[Fourteen years later David B would (successfully) hit
Prof of Theology John J Collins (‘the electrician’) of Notre Dame
for a back cover testimonial for Summa I]

c 1982 ( Great Neck Estates, Long Island, NY )
I will help you get it published”

– Prof. Lawrence Schiffman, NYU
to David B
upon being the first academic to view the initial God and Evil (Summa 1)
3-page abstract (precis) of the proposed Birnbaum theodicy-philosophy-metaphysics

c. 1985 (Kings Point, Great Neck)
“I will copy-edit it a second time”
– Prof. Lawrence Schiffman
[incredibly] offering to copy-edit the in-progress 200-page God and Evil manuscript
yet a second time [both times gratis, of course]
to prep for submission for KTAV Publishing prelim review/verdict

NOV 1988: Summa I: Religious Man: God and Evil

c. 1989 ( Jerusalem & Upper West Side, NYC )
“By 1985, 40 years after the concentration camps, we had essentially given-up hope that there would ever be a satisfactory philosophical-theological response to the Holocaust; then, past November [1988], your God and Evil blows-in from out of nowhere”
– polymath Steven Gross, teacher of both talmud and physics –
on the publication of Summa I –
a unified theodicy-theology-philosophy-theogony –
by KTAV Publishing, NJ

JAN 2005: 7-volume Jews, Church & Civilization

c. FEB 2005 (Treaty Room, State Department, Washington, DC )
“Rafaella – Sorry to drag you down to DC from Great Neck; I know you’re busy with Tikkun Olam at Yeshiva University ;)”
– National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice at her Installation as Secretary of State
to David B’s oldest (of three)

MAR 2005: Summa II: Spiritual Man: God and Good

JAN 2006: 8-volume Theory Graphics series

c. 2006 ( Great Neck Estates, Long Island, NY )
“Dad – We had thought you were inventing a new religion”
– Daughter #2 / middle child / Jordanna
at Age 18
after returning to NY from Year-in-Israel ‘gap year‘ pre-college
where, to her astonishment, two of her
(super-) Orthodox Jewish female teachers were independently reading
God and Evil (Summa I) [published 1988]

JAN 2009: 2-volume Crucifixion (of the Jews)

c. 2009 ( crossing the Throgs Neck Bridge enroute Great Neck > Manhattan )
“The void couldn’t take-it anymore”
– Solomon Birnbaum ~Age 6
[ and great, great grandson of (martyred) scholar & rabbi David Aryeh Birnbaum of Czechoslovakia ]
(back seat of David B’s car)
serving as sounding-board to David B on sundry metaphysical issues;
responding to the question (in simpler form):
What finally broke-the-inertia to catalyze the Big Bang?

c. Mar 21, 2009 ( Great Neck )
“The Jewish kids [searching for spirituality] in Tibet can ‘come home’ now”
– Speaker Marvin Tokayer
rabbi (Great Neck & Tokyo); author of 20+ books, educator;
historical chronicler; Jewish-Asia expert, and raconteur extraordinaire
upon reviewing
Summa Metaphysica II: God and Good: Spiritual Man
at Great Neck Saturday night Joint-Synagogue Feature Lecture Program –
the ‘Olshin Program’ at the Stan & Jaquie Fischer home (‘Wild Oaks’)

c. MAR 21, 2009
“lo hayah; lo hoveh; lo yihyeh”
translation of the hebrew idiom [thrown-in by Tokayer]:
“There never was an equal; there is no equal; there never will be an equal”
– Tokayer
giving a ‘low-key’ compliment to the David B theodicy work –
Summa I: God and Evil: Religious Man
[published 11 years earlier (1988 )]

c 2010 ( Annandale-on-Hudson )
“Birnbaum postures that he wants ‘a seat at the table’ of metaphysics;
…but in actuality – HE WANTS ‘THE WHOLE TABLE‘”
– Prof. Bruce Chilton
Bard Chairman of Theology
Conference Chair/ Bard Conference on Summa /
at organizational lunch at BARD
with Prof. Gary Hagberg, Chairman of Philosophy and co-Chair of the conference
and one other senior Bard rep
– almost two years prior to the actual global conference

c. 2011 ( Indoor Meeting Parlor, Dead Horse Ranch, Wyoming )
“Sorry / We have to raise the level of discussion…the author of Summa Metaphysica is here
– George W. Bush
at the Ambassador Coneway Ranch / Wyoming
~5 couples total / including myself & femme /
when one of the VIPs started discussing the Sunday football game

c. 2012 ( Bard College campus, Annandale-on-Hudson )
“This will never happen”
– Professor Lawrence Schiffman (of Yeshiva U. and NYU) responding to my idea
[on the sidelines of the Bard Conference / Upstate NY]
to line-up 100+ global Jewish thought leaders
to contribute to a prospective seminal 10-volume series on Jewish Thought

JAN 2014: Summa III: Secular Man: The Transcendent Dynamic

c. 2014 (Rockefeller Center meeting )
“Pre-Birnbaum, no one could ever figure-out how we could get our arms around [voluminous] Jewish Thought”
– (Rabbi) Saul Berman
Professor of Jewish Thought / Yeshiva University (Stern College)
commenting on the in-progress launch of (to-be) 10-volume /10-theme Mesorah Matrix series
(of which he was/is Associate Editor)

c. 2014 ( Kew Garden, Queens, NYC )
“Your enemies always make the same fatal mistake;… they leave you alive
– Rafaella Birnbaum
David B’s oldest
commenting after British Randomnists planted defamatory & libelous articles on Summa Theory

JUN 10, 2015: HUFFINGTON POST (USA): “David Birnbaum Cracks the Cosmic Code”
[headline to feature article]

JUN 2015: MMX: Sanctification
JUN 2015: MMX: Tikkun Olam

c. 2016 ( Great Neck Synagogue main Sanctuary )
“Solomon’s father is not really a writer; in actuality he is an Oreg – a Weaver – of a Metaphysical Carpet”
– Rabbi Dale Polakoff
in sermon to Great Neck Synagogue
on Solomon’s Bar Mitzvah

JUN 2016: MMX: Birkat Kohanim
JUN 2016: MMX: Kaddish

c. 2016 ( Atlanta, Georgia )
“Birnbaum thinks he is a 21st Century thinker; but in his Metaphysical incarnation he is actually “the Last Greek Philosopher”
– Mark Davis
– author of several key published essays on Summa,
including Inductive Proof

JUN 2017: MMX: Modeh Ani
JUN 2017: MMX: Havdalah

JUN 2018: MMX: The Search for Meaning
JUN 2018: MMX: U-vacharta Ba-chayim

c. OCT 2018 (BOLD Studios, Helmsley Building, ~above Grand Central Station, NYC)
“I’m totally on-board with [the metaphysics of] David Birnbaum”
– Deepak Chopra
(see Chopra1000.com for video-tape)

JUN 2019: MMX: Eheyeh asher Eheyeh
JUN 2019: MMX: V’shamru

JAN 2020: Summa IV: Quantum Man: Morphed Cosmic Order

c. JAN 2021 (Rockefeller Center, NYC)
“Objectively, 21st Century 150 global jewish thought leaders’ Mesorah Matrix is quite-radically more profound in misssion, scope, depth, breadth and global impact – than eternally iconic [3rd Century BCE] 70-translators Targum 70 [Septuagint].”
– Gary Kaufman, Esq.
prominent NY lay scholar
on the publication of final Volume (10)
of Mesorah Matrix in 2019

c. APR 16, 2021 (Romemu Synagogue, Upper West Side, Manhattan)
“In both of your two globe-spanning incarnations – your metaphysical-architect odyssey and your ‘Day Job’ –
looks-like you not only TALK the TALK but, indeed, Walk the Walk… so, you’re a dangerous boy ;) ”

– Michael A. Papo
JCC Chief & Educator
[Indiana and NYC]