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From the author of
Summa Metaphysica / Potentialism Theory

Cosmology and Metaphysics are two classic and inter-related fields. To lance both these fields (simultaneously) I hypothesize a metaphysical dynamic Quest for Potential (shorthand: Q4P).

My thinking is that the entire universe is a single (sui generis) fully-integrated, potential-based holistic, inter-communicative supra-enterprise. Ever-iterating and ever-advancing.

Q4P ignited the universe via the Big Bang. Subsequently a hybrid metaphysical/physical universe emerged. Q4P interlaces and permeates the physical universe.

(My proposed) Quest for Potential (Q4P) is the metaphysical Life Blood of the universe. Simultaneously, Quest for Potential is the universe - and we are all integral to it. If one wishes to label this Q4P dynamic the God-Force, why would I object? But, per this schema, the divide between God and Man is not as clear as per Aristotle or Maimonides/Aquinas.

Quest for Potential ignited the universe and drives it forward. Quest for ultimate expression of potential is the teleology/goal of the universe.

The universe morphs, iterates and potentializes... seeking ever-greater fuller reality, consciousness, potential and Extraordinariation (see PotentialismTheory.com).

We - and all life - are all integral to this cosmic build-out. It is one fully integrated 'enterprise' - selectively attempting 'build-outs' of various modalities and combinations thereof.

All components impact each other, and certainly life components. In other words, the random forlorn beggar in New Delhi, as well, impacts the entire universe As does the random, single flower.

The entire universe is, indeed, fine-tuned - and directional - and the entire universe is an increasingly ever-more sophisticated matrix.

Since Q4P existed, we have a universe. No Q4P, no universe.

By definition, Potential always existed, because 'here we are'. But did Q4P necessarily have to exist? No.

In order to crack Cosmology/Metaphysics, we do need a Common Denominator, capable of infinitude and of traction, and indeed, of infinite traction. Q4P is my candidate, and after 34 years of vetting (since I vectored onto it in 1982) it seems to be bulletproof.

My little Potentialism Theory works. It is unified, over-arching, and fully-integrated. And it covers all the key bases.

The theory works no matter what prism you look through, no matter what fact set it is juxtaposed against. And not one single solitary fact set contradicts it.

The theory elegantly simultaneously lances Cosmology/Metaphysics - and many related fields. This (simultaneous lancing) has never ever been the case with any other theory. Including (radically more limited) Modern Evolutionary Synthesis.


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Potentialism Theory is an overarching one. But, looking at other (more limited in scope) theories,


in the contemporary realm,

The neo-Darwinian Synthesis / Modern Evolutionary Synthesis is partially right.
[Among other matters, more correctly, 'Natural Selection' needs to be replaced by Quest for Potential (Q4P) Selection].

The Gaia Hypothesis is partially right.
[Among other matters, more correctly, the entire universe orients to optimize Planet Earth,
and the advancement of Life therein.]

The 'Intelligent Design' protagonists were partially right. [Among other matters, more
correctly, while the design (of Man) is intelligent, the modality (of getting to Man) is, indeed, evolutionary, albeit Q4P-driven, and 'the designer' is not the conventional divine.]

However, Randomness pseudo-theory is a dead end, to put matters politely. Its protagonists have choked the flow of competing ideas for over a century (see Closing1000.com).


In the classic realm,

Aristotle's general concept of a Prime Mover and his general affirmation of a teleology to the universe, both support Summa Theory (Potentialism).

Spinoza's concept of a latticed/matrix universe supports our theory. Beyond that, we leave matters to the erudite Spinoza experts.


- DB


Recent hi-level academic works dovetailing with Birnbaum’s Theory of Potential include the following:
Programming the Universe (Knopf, 2006) by Professor of Quantum Mechanics Seth Lloyd of MIT;
Mind & Cosmos (Oxford University Press, 2012) by Professor of Philosophy & Law Thomas Nagel of NYU;
Our Mathematical Universe (Knopf, 2014) by Professor of Physics Max Tegmark of MIT.
[see xMIT1000.com and Nagel1000.com]





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