Metaphysics takes no prisoners


For 7,000 years, all known efforts heretofore
 to craft a viable overarching metaphysics have failed;

Great ideas? YES; a unified metaphysics? NO

Plato gifted us 'forms'
Aristotle gifted us 'general directionality'
Spinoza gifted us 'lattice-work' universe

And all three themes/concepts gifted by these special gentlemen
are integral to Summa/Potentialism Theory
But none of these esteemed thinkers
gifted us a unified metaphysics
- and each of the theorists was presumably acutely aware of the shortfall

The primary roadblock to each of the three,
was that they each did not start with
a proposed eternal dynamic as centerpiece.
No viable eternal dynamic, no viable metaphysics.

The three did not isolate on the eternal dynamic Potential.
Respectfully, without that precise centerpiece,
a viable metaphysics is simply not possible
And, frankly, at their (stellar intellectual) level
they should have grasped the crucial necessity of a viable and defendable
'eternal centerpiece'

The second great roadblock was that
the great bulk of the observational data
regarding (key component) Complexification (see SuperFormula1000.com )
which Summa integrates-in, was simply not available then

In any event, we in the 21st century
have the benefit of the cumulative wisdom
of the thinkers preceding us
the benefit of the explosion of knowledge/science
over the subsequent centuries
the crucial ability to discern universe pattern/direction
spanning millennia past

Put another way,
we have an almost 'unfair advantage'
over the Greeks and their intellectual heirs

But, in any event, as of the year 2000,
no metaphysical schema was the de facto global working hypothesis,
because as of that point
no metaphysics had elegantly resolved all the key issues

In retrospect,
the pristine and rare diamond of metaphysics -
        was just sitting there in the road
waiting to be noticed and picked up

But, the road was cluttered....
and the distractions were plentiful
and no existing metaphysics was even close

Consequently, anyone endeavoring to craft
the 'real deal' metaphysics,
meaning, the genuine grand philosophy,
essentially had to 'clear the decks'
and craft a true new paradigm

- as simply incrementally tweaking a pre-existing
proposed paradigm
  would simply not get us to the goal line

The establishment likes respectful 'tweaks'
 - incremental advance -
of prior giants
Safe to bring on board
Low risk

But students - and the world at-large -
want a true conceptual breakthrough
- to deliver 'victory'
in this 'high bar' endeavor

There is no half-measure
or 'halfway endeavor' 
in, so to speak,
cracking the Cosmic Code

That which will be soothing 
to the entrenched academic hierarchy
almost by definition 
is doomed to failure

And, that which is not soothing
to the entrenched hierarchy
will threaten
-  their 'standing'
-  their power 
-  their books & lecture tours
-  their legacy

Students - and the world at-large - seek Truth;
Hierarchies  - in particular the current one  - 
seek to protect and enshrine their Power & Privillege

Interlopers bearing newfound asserted Truth
are, as a consequence - 
de facto 
'enemies of the state'

Randomness formulation has been foisted upon global academe
and has stymied advance for 150+ years;
[Foisted-upon, but not accepted-by]

Randomness is a sad remnant of a strange bygone era, now frozen in time,
where hatred of the Church of England by British academe 
translated into hatred of any semblance of cosmic design
- where any and all 'design' was verboten
- where mutation and randomness reigned supreme

Hatred has literally blinded 
pinnacle British academe for 150+ years
to science itself -
- and now MIT is eating Cambridge U's lunch 

Ironically, the Randomness Formulation itself is an example
of how a mutation
- in this case, an academic one - 
can single-handedly set back scientific advance by five hundred years

Indeed. empirically, mutations typically have a way of undermining
Advance, not the opposite
Most cancers are the result of genetic mutation 

To preserve and protect
its bizarre mutation-formulation,
the current well-entrenched  
Randomness-co-opted academic hierarchy
likes to set itself up as  simultaneously -
judge / jury / executioner 

But, the Randomness clique's  
little plan of how this drama plays out,
[ to play the sage 'executioner' ]
does not precisely match my scenario
of the denouement

So, we shall see precisely 
for whom the bell tolls
as this Zero-sum Game
fully plays out.... 

- DB


Is it Possible?


Is it possible that the cult-like behavior of a swathe of British academics ongoing endeavoring to foist the Randomness formulation across global academia - is the consequence of a toxic cocktail of -

misplaced British chauvinism:
Misconstruing the British scientist Darwin as believing that absolutely everything is random; more specifically, a delusional and bizarre belief that upholding randomness, somehow enhances the glory of England?

The reality, of course, is that high level scholasticism upholds England’s standing; not the suppression of ideas and debate.

misplaced Group-Think:
Wrongfully conflating [under the gun]  peer acceptance of Randomness with solid science

a misplaced understanding of Probability Theory
Wrongfully believing that any denouement is possible if you flip the coin enough times  

taking Atheism into a strangely hyper-extreme position:
Atheism is often defined as the rejection of a Creationist God; but, taking  Atheism to the extreme position of an absolutist rejection of any design to the universe, moves Atheism across the red lines of science.

their brains are wired - often astutely -
for the analytical, but not for the conceptual

Therefore, if British science negates the conceptual -  and posits everything as Random, the 'wiring deficit' does not come into play

Is it some twisted (jocular) initiation rite
of a (bizarre) niche Golden Triangle (UK universities) "club"
-  for a British academic 'elite' - and his*** Research Assistant - to damage/destroy a non-conforming American theorist or two?

a skewed understanding of neo-criminal behavior  
Bizarrely choosing to believe that defamation and character assassination are somehow legit if you operate from the shadows; that, if you sub-contact  - and launder the dirty work  through enough layers and behind enough facades -  and don't actually end up in jail -  then somehow you cannot be labeled a miscreant?  Not only will you be labeled as a pariah; you will undermine the brand of England.

a bizarre belief
that scientific advance can be suppressed indefinitely by a small coterie of thug academics - with leverage on the editorial boards of some legacy British journals


Is it possible?



*** the perps are always male here


Clinging (desperately) to the Darwin trophy?


Does the British government turn a blind eye 

to the sustained criminal undermining and defamation

by sundry British pinnacle university academics

-  of American  directional universe theorists

...  as these American theorists might somehow

undermine British icon Charles Darwin?


Meaning, does the British government

de facto or explicitly


these criminal gambits ? 



note / British academe  -
in a case of mass psychosis -
mistakenly and bizarrely and adamantly
posits that Darwinism implies Random universe


see short, but important, piece

The Empire's Fanciest Gangsters