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the God of Potential

by David Birnbaum


a 2020
out of Birnbaum’s very first work
God and Evil


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God and Evil

by Birnbaum

KTAV, 1988


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As noted, a key Biblcal name of God
Self-identified at The 'Burning Bush' saga
c. 1250 BCE exodus from Egypt
- Book of Exodus [ Shemot ] 3:14 is -
(in the Biblical hebrew) Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh


And, if the Divine
is the God of Potential
then THEODICY ( the problem of evil )
and THEOGONY ( the origins of the Divine )
both fall into place philosophically

See Summa I: God and Evil: Religious Man
for elucidation

Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC

[ As you know, in 2005 God and Evil was re-named
Summa Metaphysica I: Religious Man: God and Evil
when Summa II was published.......see SummaMetaphysica.com ]


Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC

excerpt from    
God and Evil  (Summa Metaphysica I)
KTAV Publishing, NJ  1988,
from section 100.00: The Epicenter of the Divine,  pps: 66-67  


Holy Divine Potential.....
the infinite Divine blaze leapt forth...."

Independent of time, matter, and energy, and indeed, independent of a universe, existed Holy Divine Potential—the primordial Divine. At the eternal origins of out-of-time: Holy Potential within potential within potential ad infinitum—tracking to the forward edges of time.

At the embryonic stage of holiness, deep in the womb of nothingness, deep at the core of out-of-time, hinged on an indefinable and infinite circularity, there was an ascending holy metaphysical fire: Yearning, imploring, calling forth into the void.

[The concept of a primordial Divine has clear and direct precedent in the concept of the En Sof of Kabbalah.]

Traversing the Bridge
And as nature abhors a vacuum, Holy Potential abhors nothingness. This is a cosmic axiom.

Simultaneous with the eternal origins of out-of-time, an equilibrium of nothingness was thrown into disequilibrium by its own Holy Potential. Exploding and imploding. Echoing through this day and racing towards infinite time, Holy Potential screamed forth.

Flowing from the Essence of the Divine, the infinite holy potential of the Divine demanded more expression. Among these elements were the potentials for creation of the universe, and within the latter the potentials for man to quest for his spiritual potentia1, as well as others, including mercy, love, truth, justice, beauty, and harmony. The holy potential core of the Divine demanded more than just potentia1. For the potentialities of Divine creation are inherent in the eternal Divine origins and in the Divine Essence itself.

At the eye of the primal cosmic storm, warping from out-of-time towards time, unzipping the cosmic void into positives and negatives, the infinite Divine blaze leapt forth. A creative supraconscious dynamic, transcending time, space, and eternity. Focusing its holy metaphysical force. Genesis.

and God divided the light from the darkness.
—Genesis 1:4

A holy dynamic flows forth through this day, tracing its origins to the inner core of the Divine. Beneath the eddies and swirls at the surface of the cosmic stream, beneath the deep and powerful major cosmic currents, from out of the epicenter of the holy, flows the deepest primal current—questing, beseeching, and indeed, screaming—for ultimate potentiality.


the God of Potential


see www.David1000.com academic overview


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more excerpts

excerpts from
God and Evil (Summa Metaphysica I)
KTAV Publishing, NJ, 1988,
from section 300:00: The Underlying Dynamic
pps. 78-82



Holy quest for potential is the underlying core dynamic of the cosmic order.

Holy quest for potential—our parallel to the kabbalistic En Sof—is the “primal scream” of the cosmos...

Holy Potential, emanating through and from the Divine essence, radiates through the universe—questing, pulsating, exploding, reaching, energizing, expanding, in time and out-of-time...

It is at the core of the holy/natural drive of the cosmos. It is the primal engine of cosmic existence.


The Genesis Point: From there on through this day the majesty of creation seeks its maximal potential.

Life is daring. The cosmos strives not just for survival; it quests for its maximal potential...

Long before Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to man, God grasped life from out of the void and created fire and man.


The universe seeks its maximum and optimal potential—inexorably. For this, we postulate, is its raison d’être.


“Holy Potentiality” is a thoroughly overarching dynamic, emanating from the infinitely holy through creation to the far reaches of the cosmic order. Soloveitchik notes: “He is the Lord of the hosts, who resides in every infinitessimal particle of creation and the whole universe is replete with His glory.”


At the Genesis Point, a Divine spark leapt forth. The spark initiates a cycle of becoming, creation, and rebirth. It is the core of this spiritual blaze of potentiality whose ultimate perfect achievement is a primal cosmic end. It is this transcendental flame which directly continues the spark of Life which the Divine infused through Primal Man.


The cosmic thrust for potential is man-centered. Within this constraint, the cosmos seeks its own perfection. The quests for spirituality and perfection, and the attendant quests for freedom, harmony, and beauty find their source in the metaphysical spark which actualized the cosmos. It was the origin of this quest of quests which bridged the gap from “nothingness” to “Somethingness.”



the God of Potential


  unifying - physics, philosophy and theology  

and lancing - theodicy, cosmogony, theogony, Eternal Origins

Appositions + Foreword

( extracted from Summa I )

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 our 'Smart Universe' driven by our hypothesized natural force (Q4P) 

The Epicenter of the Divine

( extracted from Summa I )

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Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC

Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC


a unified

theodicy / theology / theogony / philosophy / purpose






QuantumMan.net    ISBN # 978-0-578-68516-8     subtitle: 'ultimate journey'    222+ panels
(c) 2020  by David Birnbaum  NY  faculty affiliation: New School for Social Research

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journal coverage

to review Summa Theory Outline
18 propositions

(Summa I & II only)

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Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC

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[note: 3 of the 10 are focused on the embedded Kabbalah matrix]

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infinite divine potential

'common ground'



Potential & the Mitzvot

( extracted from Summa I )

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a focused YouTube channel


Unifying Science & Spirituality


a video review of Potentialism Theory

by Benjamin Blech



Paradigm changing revolutions
often present a scenario of a complacent entrenched
seemingly omnipotent
immovable object
overthrown by a maverick
irresistible force
- whose time has come

- Thomas Kuhn

Q4P∞ = the Cosmic Instinct


Which universe are we?

Are we the universe of the New Atheists -
aimless / random / barren of meaning / purposeless /
with no 'pilot' / with 'potential' irrelevant / a 'Dumb Universe'


Are we the universe of Potentialism -
directional / guided / alive with meaning / purpose-driven* /
with yes, a 'pilot' ** / seeking MAX potential / a 'Smart Universe' /


*  realization of potential; questing to be ever-more sophisticated & complex

** Q4P

Potentialism Theory = Summa Theory = Birnbaum Theory = Q4P Theory = Quantum Man Theory

Summa Metaphysica series



metaphysics / philosophy / cosmology / teleology / evolution

introducing the core cosmic instinct: Q4P

All Summa books are online; Summa 1-3 are available, as well, via Amazon SoftCover & Kindle



the 4-volume Summa series
21st Century
Potentialism Theory
(32-year span)


Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC

selected excerpts from book flap


Summa Metaphysica I




David Birnbaum’s God and Evil is a major philosophical study which systematically confronts the philosophical problem of evil, and the Holocaust in particular...

Summa Metaphysica I: God and Evil: Religious Man (1988) is the first of three books in Birnbaum’s landmark three-volume Summa Metaphysica series crafted over a twenty-six year period...

In Book #1 of the series, Birnbaum introduces the concepts of Quest for Potential (Q4P), as well as God of Potential...

According to Birnbaum’s paradigm, Quest for Potential∞ drives Man and God/god and the Cosmos. Potential is the nexus. God of Potential is juxtaposed against Man of Autonomy-Freedom-Potential...

Combining modern and classic, rationalist and mystic themes...

The Summa series reshapes the contours of metaphysics, philosophy, and theology.





Potentialism Theory = Summa Theory = Birnbaum Theory = Q4P Theory = Quantum Man Theory

Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC


Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC

see flip-book for complete God and Evil
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Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC

pegging-off of Summa I  section 400.20

Updated focus on the 0-point  


So, why is there Evil at all?


I form the light, and create darkness;
I make peace, and create evil; I am the Lord,
Who has made all these things.

- Isaiah 45:5


Evil has its source in the good.

- Augustine



At eternal origins, there was just the 0-point.

At some point
Potential split 0 into -

Positives and Negatives,
Pluses and Minuses,
Matter and anti-Matter,
Good and Evil

To ignite a universe,
one must split 0

And if one splits 0,
there will thus of necessity
be Evil
in the mix

There would apparently
simply be no way
to create or update the universe
with no Evil in it; else that
would have been The Plan.

Do you insist on No Evil?
Then, No universe.

Do you wish a  universe?
Then Evil will
be an actor.


The concept of the primordial 0 being split into PLUSES and MINUSES has resonance, whether from esoteric ancient strains, through Summa Metaphysica I (1988), and then through contemporary (21st Century) Quantum Mechanics.

See "IT from BIT" (1990) theoretical physics hypothesis of Princeton’s iconic John Wheeler (1911-2008), and developed via his intellectual heir, MIT's Quantum guru Seth Lloyd. See, in particular, Lloyd's (seminal) Programming the Universe, 2006, Knopf. See in further focus Lloyd's Chapter 3: The Computational Universe (subsection: The Story of the Universe).  


So, in 2006 Lloyd's quantum mechanics 21st Century physics fortuitously makes an appearance just after Summa Metaphysica II (2005) and Summa Metaphysica I (1988); his work buttress aspects of Potentialsm Theory's metaphysics (theodicy and Eternal Origins components), which, in turn provides philosophical buttress for aspects of the God of Israel handed-down by Moses at Sinai (c.1250 BCE).   


 more theological texture 

The midrash (Jewish exegesis, parable and lore)
has the (omnipotent) Divine
weeping over Evil

Thus, a Divine not quite "omnipotent"
and not quite
impervious to Evil & suffering 


Tree of Life / Tree of Knowledge

( extracted from Summa I )


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Quest for Potential  -   THE SACRED DYNAMIC




Potentialism Theory = Summa Theory = Birnbaum Theory = Q4P Theory = Quantum Man Theory


unifying - science, philosophy & spirituality


With special homage to timeless thinkers -

A.I. Kook
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Thomas Merton

We hitch a ride on the shoulders of giants,
so we can potentially scan the edge of the horizon
just a touch further out....


And, of course we salute our esteemed guide Guatama Buddha


- Birnbaum



"A  commonsense
interpretation of the evidence

suggests a super intellect has
monkeyed with physics
and chemistry as well as 
biology to make life possible."

- Sir Fred Hoyle
noted English
astronomer and physicist

 our 'Smart Universe' driven by our hypothesized natural force (Q4P) 



Hitherto, the scientific community has been unable to come up with cogent
theories/explanations for any of the following issues*, among others:

# Eternal Origins

# The landscape pre-Big Bang

# The origin of life

# The essence of life

# The appearance of life on Earth so 'proximate' to Earth's formation

# The Evolution drama

# The purpose of the universe

# The purpose of life

# Quantum Mechanics

# Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Lambda

# The fine-tuned (for life) universe [and the constants thereof]

# The accelerating universe


It would seem that one Outlier theory
solves all simultaneously 
with - 

one simple concept 
[ Potential drives the universe ]
one proposed associated universal formula

[ Q4P → C+ → E+ ]


*some are overlapping



Potentialism Theory = Summa Theory = Birnbaum Theory = Q4P Theory = Quantum Man Theory


note ~interchangeable terms:

Potentialism Theory = Summa Theory = Birnbaum Theory = Q4P Theory = Quantum Man Theory

Q4P = Infinite quest for Potential = Quest for infinite potential


the direction, driver, arc, essence, core - of the universe



For quick juxtaposition Potentialism v. Randomness
see amplification further below, or click JUXTAPOSITION




Potentialism Theory gives its own 'take' on evolution;
Potentialism rejects Natural Selection/Random mutation
as unscientific and fatally flawed on multiple fronts



To the Readership

I believe that humanity can do better than the sterile, bizarre, nihilstic, and counter-intuitive Randomness formulation - currently foisted across much of academe - as its bedrock working hypothesis.

Per the  Randomness proponents, our entire highly sophisticated and  fully-integrated  universe - ongoing for 14 billion years - is the result of random chance.

Randomness Theory is essentially madcap Alchemy on steroids -  propped-up by a delusional reactionary clique.


We prefer to deal in the realm of reasoned and serious thought. 

Potentialism Theory (explicated here) is an elegant and powerful formulation; it is rich, multi-faceted, heavily vetted, and bulletproof.

The Cosmic Order and our universe are, indeed, quite fine-tuned. And 21st Century humans - and their associated consciousness - are not accidents of cosmic chance.

D Birnbaum


Potentialism Theory = Summa Theory = Birnbaum Theory = Q4P Theory = Quantum Man Theory

a proposed new paradigm

'working hypothesis' platform

for future fine-tuning & build-out



featuring Birnbaum's unified cosmology/metaphysics/philosophy
with centerpiece overarching Infinite 'Quest for Potential' hypothesis





4-volume Potentialism Theory

a fully - integrated & unified -
metaphysics / cosmology / philosophy / teleology
with incorporated hypotheses re:
theogony and theodicy issues in religious philosophy ////
incorporating - eternal origins / evolution /
human & cosmic purpose / pre- and post- Big Bang cosmic journey /
and Summa IV cosmic morph @ Big Bang

see flip-book for complete God and Evil
near end of Scroll-Down / below


An original, - but grasp-able - 21st Century working hypothesis
via one all-encompassing (snapshot) equation

Extraploating back to eternal origins
(see EternalOrigins.com)
and tracking across time
with cosmic direction
(see Complexification1000.com)
to the cosmic goal
(see Extraordinariation1000.com)


Infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P)
as the common denominator
& the cosmic engine
across time and space
- before and after the Big Bang

seemingly simple, but
powerful, elegant and all-encompassing


~7,000 years of civilization

through this point
So, let’s take a tour of this
(original and fully-vetted)
new paradigm hypothesis
making all these
sweeping 'simultaneous' claims....



the sole eternal 'something'?


The Eternal Dynamic:



A central proposition of Summa:
“Potential” is the sole “concept/dynamic” which can
safely be posited as having been eternal.

By definition.

Meaning, by definition “Potential” – and only “Potential” –
can be conjectured to have been “eternal.”

Upon careful reflection, the above is self-evident.

For “Potential” vectored-in onto – and crystallized-into –
its own maximal Potential arc.

“Potential” thus achieved traction
and has never looked back.

– Birnbaum

* Potential / Possibility

Potentialism Theory = Summa Theory = Birnbaum Theory = Q4P Theory = Quantum Man Theory

The Eternal Dynamic:



Why does it make sense
to craft a metaphysics
centered around Potential?

To craft a metaphysics, one must commence at eternal origins;
and to commence at eternal origins
one needs an eternal dynamic

A primary goal in any metaphysics is an overarching cosmic dynamic;
and a logical overarching cosmic dynamic would be some
extrapolation of the eternal dynamic

once one has delineated
a truly eternal dynamic,
one can play
in the metaphysics sandbox

– Birnbaum




David Birnbaum, Architect, Potentialism Theory


“Birnbaum's masterpiece work Summa Metaphysica is perhaps the first offering of a new school of spiritual potentialism.”
—Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Yeshiva University

“An original and in this reader’s opinion, very promising point of view. ... the author gathers a philosophically coherent and, in the end, highly modern insight ... He appropriately describes it as a unified metaphysics within the constraints of Jewish doctrine, consistent with its historical development, and consistent with secular scientific thought ...”
—Professor Louis Dupré, Yale University

“Birnbaum’s Summa Metaphysica II: God and Good is a major intellectual triumph and potential conceptual breakthrough ... it endeavors to weave It-from-Bit Theory into a unified metaphysics - Birnbaum’s (new) School of Potentialism.”
—Scientist John Archibald Wheeler, Princeton University

“Remarkable and profound, Summa Metaphysica II rounds out the author’s powerful and original Cosmic Womb of Potential metaphysics ... Has the author indeed founded a new field — Potentialism? ... Did we all miss the obvious all along?”
—Claude Lévi-Strauss, Paris

“If iconoclast private scholar Birnbaum is the founder of the metaphysical School of Potentialism via his ‘infinite divine potential’ construct, then Daniel Khalil is his foremost Modern Orthodox Jewish explicator.”
—Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, former spiritual leader of the Jewish community of Japan

“Iconoclast Birnbaum is a daring and dynamic intellect ... His avantgarde Potentialism may turn out to be totally wrong — or may turn out to be the ‘irresistible force’ ... perhaps best not to bet against the fascinating hypothesis.”
—Emeritus Professor of Philosophy John Hospers, USC

JEWISH TRIBUNE • DECEMBER 12-18, 2014          9

Q4P∞ = the Cosmic Instinct


Classic Issues Aligned










a unified

( consistent, overarching, fully integrated)

conceptual line of attack





eternal origins
Life Force
evolutionary theory
universe horizon

one Common Denominator


- with theogony and theodicy in the mix from a Religious perspective,
and, loosely defined, still in the mix from a Spiritual or Secular perspective



* Q4P → C+ → E+



a proposed Framing Concept of the universe



the two key websites




(primarily multi-lingual translations of a selection of articles on Summa)



'it is truly fascinating that

an established scientific theory [contemporary Ecology Theory]

 based on experimental evidence and mathematical models, 

is in such strong agreement [with avant-garde Potentialism Theory]" - Alyokhin 11/2012


Potentialism Theory = Summa Theory = Birnbaum Theory = Q4P Theory = Quantum Man Theory


the eternal

metaphysical spinal column, life force, Chi

of the Cosmic Order


Albert Einstein, in his book The World As I See It, stated that the harmony of natural law "reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection."

Q4P∞ = the Cosmic Instinct

In a letter to a child who asked if scientists pray, Einstein wrote, “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe – a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”


the heirs to alchemy?


Issues with the (competing) Randomness formulation


It is clearly dead-wrong
see Direction panel just-above

Internally contradictory?
The same entrenched British Randomness academic clique which fanatically defends its (non-directional) Theory of No Theory - Randomness, simultaneously fanatically defends (directional) Evolution.

Notorious alchemists swore they could turn lead into gold. However that seems like a simple trick compared to contemporary hard-line Randomnist High Priests who profess that their theory turns the random void into our rocking and rolling - for 14 billion years - universe.
Is the Randomness formulation simply the ‘successor theory’ to alchemy?

Second Law of Thermodynamics:
Why does our allegedly random universe not implode from entropy? [hint: because it is driven forward by (competing Potentialism Theory's) Q4P, and not randomly]

combination - The Emperor's Clothes and The Wizard of Oz?
Is the fantastical Randomness formulation not a 1:1 parallel to these just-noted fables of vacuousness?

We are all still waiting for the actual theory:
The hard-line Randomness clique has perfected the dark art of "toxifying" any theorist who dares disagree with their aimless and hollow construct; but, after 150+ years, for their part they have yet to produce an actual theory. [ translation: the Randomness/Aimlessness clique is an intellectual charlatan ]

From the shadows, the Randomnist clique hyper- aggressively mauls 'directional universe' theorists, but never actually seems to present an actual theory. Are we supposed to conflate frenzied attacks with an actual theory? To paraphrase the diss used by Texas cattlemen to characterize big bluster / no substance characters: These Randomness hombres are ALL HAT; NO CATTLE.

defining our universe:
There are many and significant random dimensions to our universe; but, randomness does not define it; rather, (competing Potentialism Theory's) Quest for Potential defines our universe.

'Randomness' Invalidated by Fine-Tuned Universe proposition
Is the universe fine-tuned for life? This proposition has gained increasing prominence and traction.

The proposition reached critical mass in 1999 with the publication of Just Six Numbers by Martin Rees, distinguished British Astronomer Royal. The proposition is directly antithetical to the Randomness proposition; the proposition negates Randomness. Rees went on to become head of the Royal Society.

Randomness may have been frontally challenged prior, including by Summa I, 1988, but Randomness 'is slain' by the 1999 Rees work; and a stake is driven in its heart by Summa II (2005).

'Defaming' is not 'Debating'
Some hard-line Randomness proponents seem confused. 'Defaming opposing theorists' - typically through paid surrogates/hit men - does actually not qualify for 'debating opposing theorists'.

Denial of Negative Reality
The first requirement of a theorist is to deal with reality. The 'denial of negative reality' psychosis can be hazardous to one's legacy. The core tenet of Randomness - non-directionality, has been clearly scientifically demonstrated to be false- on two fronts: Fine-Tuned universe (see Martin Rees, Just Six Numbers (1999) and Direction section from David Birnbaum, Summa Metaphysica II (2005).

Contrary to the first - and only - axiom of Randomness, the universe, is unequivocally directional. See Directional.

'Game Over'?
For over a decade, and on two key different fronts, Randomness is in checkmate. Both Fine-Tuned universe formulation and the empirically demonstrated Complexification C+ / complexity teleology (universe purpose/direction) respectfully frontally render the Randomness formulation of 'no directionality' fatally undermined and disproven. The emperor, indeed, had no clothes.

the Randomness 'Theory of No Theory'
No theory.
No content.
No core work.
No formulation.
No science.
No cosmology.

The earth is not flat; the sun does not orbit the earth; our universe did not randomly ignite, gain traction, evolve, and steadily iterate towards ever-increasing sophistication and wondrousness ongoing for 14 billion years and counting.

intellectual 'sleight of hand" ?
There is no scientific anchoring whatsoever.
Random universe is simply hocus pocus masquerading as science.

product of an "echo chamber" discussion?
Group Think?

Go along to get along?
Bandwagon syndrome?

more akin to the mantra of a medieval nihilistic cult
- than to a serious academic discussion in 21st Century England

a fanatic - and in-vain - gambit
- to align science with hard-line Atheism (de facto a fundamentalist and militant anti-directional universe belief system).

"Big Brother" modus operandi
No debate; No discussion; No competition of ideas.




the informal political line-ups


Randomnists / neo-Darwinists* / New Atheists** / Old Eugenicists*** / British Chauvinists


      ADVOCATES FOR:  Intelligent Design / Directional Universe  / Potentialism 


* debunked by the end of 2019; the centerpiece of the theory -
          Natural Selection / Random Mutation -
    is now in its death-throes

** rumor has it that a cohort of the British contingent  aids, abets and enables toxic gambits ongoing -
    typically via (intimidated) Research Associates - recruited semi-involuntarily
    to undermine and career-sabotage ascendant figures in "The New Guard"

*** see subtitle of Origins of Species (1859):

Q4P∞ = the Cosmic Instinct

for Potentialism Theory's
Cosmic Tool Kit

("advanced warfare")


(1) move cursor to center

(2) then note full-screen option icon / bottom right of gray border

see also CosmicToolKit.com


the last Greek philosopher

"the Greeks"





see www.Controversy1000.com

unifying science-spirituality-religion

not a dinner party

“A revolution is not a dinner party....A revolution is an insurrection"

― Mao Tse-Tung

see flip-book for complete God and Evil
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see also SimultaneousSolution.com

David Birnbaum / Summa Metaphysica / Potentialism Theory

Unifying Science, Religion & Philosophy

October 28, 2014
ACADEMIA.EDU: Unifying Science, Spirituality & Philosophy


pointer: www.Unifying1000.com



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FUTURE TECH: 7000 Years in the Making




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