Birnbaum Extrapolates Lloyd

Note that -

(a) I have not  as of this (publication) date communicated directly with Lloyd, but perhaps shortly...
(b)There was a four year buffer (1974-1978) between our respective tenures as students at Harvard University
(c)I treat Lloyd's 'computational universe' theory as public domain.
(d) As of his 2006 work, Programming the Universe, Lloyd was not extrapolating his work, as I have, to present a new paradigm for Evolution;  but, respectfully, the clear ramification of his theory transcend his 2006 personal predilections.
(e) British academia  has (fatally) trapped itself in 'randomness' across both cosmology and evolutionary biology 
- while the reality is not only that both fields are 'directional', but that both have the same 'driver' - Infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P) / Quantum (Q3).

Again, see Evolution1000.com.