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Core Cluster   

* A core custer of questions in metaphysics

........revolves around 'Eternal Origins'

#  Where did the 'first something' come from

# How was there any  'something' other than 'nothing'?

# How did we get from that 'something' to the present day

# How did that 'something' lead to the 'traction' of the universe?

# If God always existed, per Deists and Theists amongst-us, OKAY, but where did God come from?  [the theogony' question]

# In any event, what 'something' could be 'eternal'? [the ''Eternal Origins' question]

# And why could our profound and extraordinary universe not have 'come into being' 
- or been 'brought into being' - without Evil?  [ also part of the 'theodicy' question]

# Is there a 'designer' of the universe?

# And, if YES,  
- where did it  (the 'designer')  come from?
- what is its essence
- roughly what are the parameters of its power?
- have we - or have we not - encountered it?

# What 'ignited' the (pretty smart and pretty powerful) Big Bang?

# Where are we 'heading'?

# Is there/What is -
the 'purpose' of all?  [the 'teleology' question]
- Is there an 'arrow'  to the universe?
- a 'direction'?
- a 'meaning'?
- a goal?

#  Where 'do humans stand' in all of this?

# Is there a 'cosmic consciousness'?



  The 'baby' - Quest for Potential - is 'pulled' from the cosmic womb of Potential  


The Footprint of Potential

a rough sketch

Chronology of the Universe

Eternal Origins → Present

( a metaphysics hypothesis )

introductory note: Hitherto Inscrutable Quantum Mechanics (QM) has at least two 'faces' which we are now (OCT 2017) aware of:
(a) the Potential/Possibility/Probabilistic 'face', and
(b) the Wheeler It-from-Bit 'face' as a prelude to the Lloyd Bits Compute the Universe 'face' build-out thereof

# rough sketch chronology - 1.00

Eternal Potential - as opposed-to Nothing - defines Eternal Origins.

At Eternal Origins, 'Potential reigns supreme'.

CWP = Cosmic Womb of Potential
(a Potentialism Theory term)   

# rough sketch chronology - 1.25

We are now at the Cosmic Womb of Potential point here

Potential is PUSHING-forth

Infinite Potential way down-the-road is PULLING - tugging at  -
Eternal Potential way back at Cosmic Origins




the drama increases in intensity.....

the void pulsates

# rough sketch chronology - 1.50

* Voids abhor voids 
  (proposed axiom by Summas Theory) 

* The void "couldn't take it" any more

* Realms of Potential
  some realization,
  however abstract

# rough sketch chronology - 1.75

The conjecture:

Within the primordial realms of Potential/Possibility
perhaps just a
single pulse of energy

which germinated from the potential future  
by (hypothesized/theorized)
‘backward causation’ (aka "retrocausality")*** 

tracked-back and unhinged 
the equilibrium of neo-nothingness....at Eternal Origins

*** i.e. a Quantum Mechanics sub-theory that future possibilities (or energy) may somehow impact present possibilities (or energy)

see also quantum fluctuation.....vacuum state fluctuation
origin of the universe

Remember, I just need just one pulse

CWP = Cosmic Womb of Potential
(a Potentialism Theory term)   

# rough sketch chronology - 2.15

The cosmic drama often mirrors the individual human drama

What is true for the Cosmic Order, will often be true for the individual human

This (hypothsized) extraordinary parallel enables the metaphysician to 'peer behind' the Big Bang -
all the way back to Eternal Origins (the Cosmic Womb of Potential)

Thus, the plot thickens...

CWP = Cosmic Womb of Potential
(a Potentialism Theory term)   

# rough sketch chronology - 2.25

( at cosmic origins )  

Embryonic Quest for Potential (Q4P)
at Cosmic Origins
...inexorably demanding its potential be realized

(from the future)

Embryonic celestial potential
eons down the road
aches-for and seeks 
and incessantly

beckons Q4P,...entreats Q4P
to emerge - at long last -  from the
cosmic womb of Potential... at Eternal Origins 

CWP = Cosmic Womb of Potential
(a Potentialism Theory term)   

# rough sketch chronology - 2.50

                    primordial dynamics

....... the drama continues

- along a fault-line of the cosmic womb of Potential

The Cosmic Womb of Potential
      at this point  is at max stress

Wave upon wave of Eternal Potential vectors towards the intense drama 



The present - at Eternal Origins - 'pushes forward'  to actualize Potential   

The future  - tracking towards infinity - 'beckons-forth'  aching and yearning to view actualized Potential peeking over the horizon

Will this interminable cosmic tension ever see resolution?



       ad infinitum?

            eons upon eons pass by......

critical mass is achieved

            the 'tipping point'.....

The Pulse

  The 'baby' - Quest for Potential - 'is pulled' from the cosmic womb of Potential  

the heavens witness in awe

  The long-yearned-for 'birth' of the inexorable metaphysical DRIVER  


# rough sketch chronology - 2.75

Quantum Mechanics is, of course, a vast blueprint 

But, this (theoretical) blueprint has a sub-blueprint (or a major dimension)
for equations of Potential dove-tailing off of 'actual' Eternal Potential

Simultaneous with the Push-Pull drama,
primordial Quantum Mechanics pegs-off-of the Eternal Potential 
of primordial universe - and vice versa

The two somehow cycle off of each other

Meaning, Quantum Mechanics has some modicum of life breathed into it

The two dramas play-out in-concert

The net result is 'the birth of Q4P'

QM = Quantum Mechanics

# rough sketch chronology - 3.00

The interplay of Eternal Potential and Primordial Quantum Mechanics (QM)
→ yields Infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P)

The chronology/trajectory/direction/purpose/teleology/arc
of the universe
will follow the axis of my hypothesized/proposed*** SuperFormula

Q4P → C+ → E+

Quest for Potential → Complexification → Extraordinariation 

see  SuperFormula1000.com

*** proposed 2005 in Summa II /   section: Direction of the Universe

QM = Quantum Mechanics

# rough sketch chronology - 4.00

The interplay of Q4P and Primordial QM → yields the Wheeler It-from-Bit face of QM.......
Then the build-out of the Wheeler face,
the Lloyd computing face of QM,

THUS, further filling-out pre-Big Bang QM

QM = Quantum Mechanics

# rough sketch chronology - 5.00

Q4P / pre-Big Bang Q4P plots its escape
from the metaphysical void →
metaphysical cum reality (our evolving universe)

 our 'Smart Universe' driven by our hypothesized natural force (Q4P) 

# rough sketch chronology - 6.00

Q4P / Igniting Big Bang Q4P splits the (hypothesized) Zero-Point and ignites the Big Bang.

[The Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago.]

Meaning, Potential,
not Random Chance,
and not some spontaneous genesis - per Wheeler and his disciple Lloyd -
ignites the entire dynamic at Eternal Origins

[ From a metaphysical perspective, splitting the Zero-Point, as well yields polarities:
Matter:Anti-Matter... Pluses:Minuses... Good:Evil... proto-Female:proto-Male... et al..... ]

# rough sketch chronology - 6.50

It was necessary (for Q4P) to instigate/trigger/create
our universe
inasmuch as Q4P needed
an extraordinary PLATFORM
- with a very substantial material/physical dimension -
to more fully play-out
Q4P → C+ → E+

metaphysical realms alone were not a dynamic-enough PLATFORM
to optimize the advancements sought -
including the rate, diversity, complexity, richness, and quality
of advance sought

# rough sketch chronology - 7.00

Q4P/QM is the prime catalyst on stage choreographing the unfolding universe production; it has vast influence....

# rough sketch chronology - 8.00

Q4P trumps Entropy
and sustains the advance of our universe.

# rough sketch chronology - 8.50

[ Evolution in a snapshot ]

Lloyd elucidates the Quantum - # information (bit) build-out
                                                   # computing 
                                                   # programming

aspect/dimension of Quantum Mechanics                  

Let us now throw in a fourth component - 

                             (Quantum) # engineering    (my concept/term)
into the mix* 

One can assign the term Quantum Engineering to the entire 4-component basket (noted just-above).

Quantum Potential Engineering    per Potentialism Theory
# information (bit) build-outper Lloyd
# computingper Lloyd
# programmingper Lloyd
# engineeringper Birnbaum

The full Quantum Engineering basket is fused into Q4P, at latest by the Big Bang ignition point

                        Now we have 'replaced' Darwinism

Post- Big Bang (14.8 billion years ago) 
Q4P then drives the evolution of the universe,
and then - post the formation of our planet 4.5 billion years ago -
the evolution of Evolution.

(see Evolution1000.com for fuller presentation)

* I presume that Lloyd did not want to tangle with the neo-Darwinists

# rough sketch chronology - 9.00

Q4P choreographs the grand cosmic drama/trajectory which includes, among other components,
exploding stars across the heavens → elements → life forms on earth → 21st Century humans and their ever-advancing consciousness

# rough sketch chronology - 10.00

Q4P (or a derivative thereof) is the Cosmological Constant identified by Albert Einstein in 1917*; Einstein theorized the Cosmological Constant as the counter-force to gravity's otherwise inevitably imploding the universe. [ Actually, it is reverse, i. e. Gravity slows down the forward march of the Cosmological Constant aka Lambda.]

# rough sketch chronology - 11.00

The Cosmological Constant [Q4P] has become identified with the simplest form of Dark Energy (Wiki / Cosmological Constant / Oct 22, 2017]

[ note: The Cosmological Constant is also known by a shorthand notation lambda, or /\ ]

# rough sketch chronology - 12.00

"In physical cosmology and astronomy, dark energy [Q4P] is an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe." [Wiki / Dark Energy / Oct 22, 2017]

[ So,
the Cosmological Constant = lambda = /\ = (simple) dark energy = a salient & manifest derivative of Q4P ]

see also inter-related scientific discussions - the Fifth Force.... Quintessence

YES / By ~2019 - thirty-one years after Summa I - elements of the scientific community are inching closer to Q4P

# rough sketch chronology - 13.00

"Assuming that the standard model of cosmology is correct, the best current measurements indicate that dark energy [Q4P] contributes 68.3% of the total energy in the present-day observable universe." [Wiki / Dark Energy / Oct 22, 2017]

# rough sketch chronology - 14.00

"Dark energy [Q4P] is the most accepted hypothesis to explain the observations since the 1990s indicating that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate." [Wiki Dark Energy / Oct 22, 2017]

# no Dark Energy [Q4P], then the Big Crunch [imploding universe]
# sufficient Dark Energy [Q4P], then Expanding universe

Meaning, as well, that Potential [Q4P] is the prime determinant of the ultimate denouement of the universe; not gravity; not entropy; and most certainly not randomness

# rough sketch chronology - 15.00

At every stage/step of the unfolding Cosmic drama/order
- from Eternal Origins thru the present day (and onward) -
Q4P - the hitherto undiscerned dynamic -
is front & center, and, indeed, the driving dynamic.

Q4P is the metaphysical spinal column of the arc of the universe.

See  Inductive1000.com / 40+ page inductive proof

See Deductive1000.com / initial and partial deductive buttress

* In 1929 (Berlin) Einstein incorrectly retracted his 1917 hypothesis; but the scientific community has upheld the original (1917) hypothesis.

personal note: Both of our families lived in Berlin in 1929, and both emigrated to the USA in the 1930s, Einstein in March 1933 (while lecturing in CA → Princeton, NJ), and Birnbaum in October 1938 (pre-Kristallnact, Berlin → Madison, WISC) 



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