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Our Potential-driven Universe

The Organic Proactive Super-Computer Super-Organism

What reality is our Universe?

Our universe is a multi-faceted hybrid -

Super-Computer / Super-Organism / Star Nursery / 
Elements Generator / Life Creator / Cosmic Voyager /
hyper-expanding neo-bio-sphere suis generis entity


Our universe is
self-advancing, self-igniting, self-developing,
self-iterating, self-building-out & self-propelling 


Our universe is all of space and time - and all their contents,
including planets, stars, galaxies
and all other forms of matter and energy.


It is the Cosmic Womb of Potential


Our universe inexorably strives after its purpose:

to maximize & optimize its Potential


And what type of Super-Computer is our universe?
A Quantum computer integrated into an Organic overlay.  


It turns out that our universe
is stranger and more profoundly awesome
than any science fiction.


As per my core theme
the universe is multi-faceted and multi-layered Potential


Per the Potentialism Theory hypothesis

Simultaneously -

# Infinite Quest for Potential drives the universe

# The universe IS Infinite Quest for Potential
in tangible form


Our universe is 93 billion light-years in diameter.

It is an expanding, multi-dimensional organic Starship.

As of the early 21st Century, the Starship,
believed to be 13.8 billion years old since 'ignition and liftoff' 
had propagated within its fold 
100 billion galaxies, each with an average 100 billion stars
or 10 22 stars total

Meanwhile, the Starship expands outwards as it advances forward,
and its rate of expansion is accelerating

Our own local galaxy, the Milky Way, 
is moving at a staggering speed of 1.3 million miles per hour 

And our own planet Earth -
smaller than a miniscule spec in the scheme of things -
alone has propagated 
over 5 billion species to date


The universe ongoing gobbles up void as it builds-out,
accelerates and traverses onward and outward


Our universe is the original / primordial
A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) computational entity;
it represents "machine learning" on steroids


The universe does not have consciousness as we know it;
[ Below I label it QMI = Quantum Mechanics Intelligence ]
however, our Starship voraciously gobbles-up and processes all data -
which it then deploys to advance
its (Potential-driven) objectives and designs 


Quest for Potential

aka  Q4P

the DRIVER underlying the Cosmic Order

the primus movens

the 'Prime Mover'


It is not clear whether the imperatives of the universe data-gathering
stop at any boundaries of personal privacy,
including our thoughts


Each of us is somehow 
autonomous -
and simultaneously plugged-into and integral-to 
the universe-computer,
i.e. the universe mega-brain 
i.e.  the universe quantum computer
i.e. the universe


The universe is always 
computing, assessing, calculating
and then
towards its next level of Potential


As noted, the universe is simultaneously an ever-expanding mega-brain

What we learn, the universe learns;
thus, there is at least some (and possibly great) 
intrusion into our thoughts


The universe endeavors to be a perpetual motion entity;

It is unclear whether the universe will be successful on this track.

One suspects that the profound, tenacious and ever-learning universe 
will inevitably find 
a way, a path, a modality -
via one dimension or another -
to continue its inexorable and hoped-for infinite journey 

It very well may not have the solution yet....


Regarding the origins of this universe-enterprise,
see  Chronology1000.com

But, to encapsulate,
originally "0" was somehow split
into positives and negatives
and these also became on-off modalities
which formed the genesis
of the universe-computer
which then calculated & effected
an inexorable & profoundly awesome advance
towards the ever-more extraordinary


Potentialism Theory = Summa Metphysica Theory = Birnbaum Theory


our universe: Infinite Potential achieves tangible form, traction and ongoing life evolution...
[ see Universe1000.com above ]


The core proposition -

The core proposition
is that there is a
single, overarching, and quasi-eternal
hitherto undiscerned 

Quest for Potential
aka Q4P

which drives the Cosmic Order


Potentialism Theory posits that there exists
a hitherto undiscerned core and transcendent dynamic



Quest for Potential

which not only drives the universe,
but actually IS the universe.


We are all fully integral to this dynamic -
as hard as that proposition might be.


What is the Lifespan of Q4P Universe?

#  Q4P has eternal origins
[ see the En Sof primordial God of (kabbalist) Luria (b. 1534) ]
[ brought up in Summa 1 (1988) ]

# Q4P endeavors to be eternal going forward


Then, try to integrate the following to understand Q4P:


# The universe is an evolvement of Q4P

# We are all integral to Q4P/Universe

# One can (optionally) posit that Q4P is the God Force

#  See (quick) Universe1000.com
( lead-in to RewindSumma.com )

# See Chronology1000.com
( displayed, as well, in RewindSumma.com )

# Note the (panentheistic) God of the BESHT
( the BESHT = the Baal Shem Tov, [b. 1698]
the spiritual founder of Hasidic Judaism )
[  brought up in Summa 2  (2005)  ] 

# Seth Lloyd's Programming the Universe (2006)
          [ which builds upon John Wheeler's It from Bit ]

possibly with Divine spark / drive

#  Remember the ALIEN sci fi series
(introduced 1979)
wherein the alien entity
learns, integrates, iterates,
and gets stronger daily 

In our case, Q4P, a more benign entity, does same 

i.e. We have a unique variation of Process Theology

#  An all-encompassing suis generis
UI ( Universe Intelligence )
( with Divine Spark/Drive in-the-mix? )
[ of which WE are each components ]
the universe
- to optimize, among other objectives, perpetual advance.

#  Our universe - a potentially perpetual motion force/entity - 
to play-out
its perpetual motion potential

# Thus, the potential - but far from guaranteed - lifespan of our Q4P universe
is infnite 

# However, Q4P in its pure form is eternal, regardless



The Universe (aka Q4P) is expanding ongoing;
currently this expansion rate is accelerating.

Q4P must vigilantly advance forward 
with sufficient (Lambda) velocity/force to
prevail against entropy.

Q4P must contend with gravity, as well,
which simultaneously
enhances, maintains, and threatens the universe.



Q4P theory

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