David Birnbaum Metaphysics

[ a metaphysical equation ]

a uniquely-crafted equation
for a universe-encompassing formula

the all-embracing, overarching (2-sided) theory equation:



Eternal Origins    Big Bang    Universe Horizon  =


              Q4P           C+            E+  


 Both sides of the equation above 

 - and see schematic just-below - 

 originate from the Singularity, and 

 telescope downwards, 

 even to sub-microscopic levels. 


schematic 1.0

*The 'initial' Singularity is the Zero-Point articulated in Summa II. The Singularity at the Big Bang point (down the road) is a later generation Singularity. Herein, we refer to S as the multi-generations of Singularity. 


Yes, this proposed metaphysics equation
the well-known Einstein energy:physics equation


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