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the 22-second elevator pitch -

* covered by 100+  articles * in 50+ journals * Course Text in 15+ colleges+ *  
multi-day international academic conference * 50+ high level testimonials *
50,000+ volumes in circulation * core theme very heavily impacts a dozen+ fields *
featured (Fall 2017) on the back covers of 10+ elite scientific and university periodicals * 

* offers a unified
(consistent, overarching, fully-integrated)
conceptual line of attack
across multiple key fields *

* a proposed concise simultaneous solution to  at least half a dozen classic conundrums *

* universal * paradigm changer * well-vetted * bullet-proof * inductively-proved *

Too good to be true? but, looks like it will 'go the distance'

so best to 'watch the moves'

Let's Advance

- David Birnbaum

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Core Issues

classic hitherto key unresolved core issues
in metaphysics / cosmology / philosophy / biology:

What ignited our universe?

What drives our universe?

Is there a direction to our universe?

What really drives evolution?

Is there one succinct simultaneous answer to all of the above? Yes.


Infinite Quest for Potential Drives the Cosmic Order


"All Revolutions take time to settle-in"

– Lanza del Vasto (1901-1981)



for amplification on the (2-sided, of course) Super-Equation,
 see  2-sided Equation



a staggering and audacious move


from the desk of

Hugo van den Berg

University of Warwick
Department of Mathematics
Coventry, United Kingdom

On Birnbaum's Formula

Physics, unlike metaphysics perhaps, is concerned only with description. However, not all descriptions are created equal; it is sometimes possible to capture large swathes of phenomena with a minimum of formal apparatus. Such superb descriptions are what scientists like to think of as “good theories” (all is, in the final analysis, still mere description, a point that is sometimes lost). The game naturally becomes this: to capture as much as possible with as little as possible.

In Birnbaum’s unparalleled and magisterial Summa Metaphysica, we find a pithy quote attributed to a Nobel prize winner [physicist Lederman] who expresses this dream as capturing the universe in a formula that one could print on a T-shirt. Birnbaum, in a staggering and audacious move, displays a formula below this quote.

The formula just stands there, glorious in its splendid isolation. It reads:


Are we to infer that this is the answer to the dream of the physicist recently quoted? The recondite renaissance man Birnbaum does not tell us, at least not directly, not on this page.

Perusal of Summa Metaphysica, two imposing tomes of recondite philosophical-mathematical-poetic musings, indicates that Birnbaum wants the reader to think of Q4P as a single symbol......

[ balance of essay upon request ]



Q4P ( Q4P ( Q4P (

Quest for Potential ( Quest for Potential ( Quest for Potential
ad infinitum.

note ~interchangeable terms:

Potentialism Theory     =     Summa Theory     =     Birnbaum Theory

Q4P     =     Infinite quest for Potential     =     Quest for infinite potential


Does one dynamic drive the entire Cosmic Order?


Via the above image
Summa Metaphysica's
Potentialism Theory
is featured as the Back Cover ad
of September's issue of the
following elite magazines


DISCLAIMER; The magazine logos above are shown for identification; they are not an endorsement.


Potentialism Lexicon
Key Terms 


Q4P   =  Infinite Quest for Potential


C+      =  Complexification

the cosmic drive towards increased 


E+      =  Extraordinariation

the idealized end-goal of the cosmic process;
an ideal to be approached, but not quite realized


more detail/amplification to follow
or, see




a simultaneous solution


Birnbaum considers Quest for Potential∞
to be a ubiquitous and overarching cosmic dynamic...

Quest for its fulfillment
is the underlying core dynamic
of the cosmic order...

  All of the countless components of the universe,
including humans,
are striving towards the full realization
of their particular potentialities....

 -  Professor Andrei Alyokin*


* fuller detail further below
  or, see

a unified, consistent & fully-integrated

cosmology / metaphysics / philosophy / teleology







Quest for Potential
(infinitely recursive)





Q4P ( Q4P ( Q4P …






Quest for Potential


Quest for Potential


Quest for Potential


ad infinitum



the direction, driver, arc, essence, core   -   of the universe



a proposed  all-embracing

new paradigm


Potentialism Theory - Potential Drives the Cosmic Order - is unique, original and all-embracing.

The formula/theory apparently works across both depth and breadth - universally.
In depth the proposition apparently seamlessly works from macro through micro levels.
In breadth, the proposition apparently seamlessly works across the billions of years of known cosmic history;

As well, the theory works elegantly with Q4P (Quest for Potential∞) as the proposed catalyst of the Big Bang itself. Thus, the plot thickens.

The formulation has 100+ articles and 100+ distinguished testimonials to its credit. A Course Text at top universities around the globe, the fully-integrated theory provides a simultaneous solution to a cluster of hitherto intractable bedrock issues.

Since Summa I was published (by Ktav) in 1988, the theory has sent shock waves through the global cosmology and metaphysics establishments. These establishments are entrenched and to a great extent militantly wedded to their (theory of no-theory) Randomness for well-over 150 years.

Inertia? Group-Think? Go along to get along? No viable alternative pre-Summa? Pressure from the hard-line (anti-directional universe) academic clique which controls many key legacy British journals? Route to tenure blocked if the Randomness 'party line' is not toed? Some combination of the above? Whatever the reason, debate has effectively been strangled for a long, long time.

Enter Summa Theory. With philosophical roots in 'directional' Aristotelian thought, revolutionary (and non-aimless) Potentialism Theory sets the stage for a re-boot of literally all scientific fields - across both the hard and soft sciences. All.

As noted, the theory can be encapsulated in the one concise formula noted: Q4P > C+ > E+. No exceptions to the formula across the trillions of data points from the Big Bang to this moment. No infinite quantity of universes needed to get to 21st Century humans.

In the mix, the theory simultaneously and neatly lances metaphysics, cosmology, teleology and "purpose". Cogently and concisely. No fat; No flaws. Good to Go.

Let's Roll.


For quick juxtaposition   Potentialism v.  Randomness
see amplification further below, or click  JUXTAPOSITION


unifying - science, philosophy & spirituality



the common denominator

across the depth & breadth

of the universe



To the readership

I believe that humanity can do better than the sterile, bizarre, nihilstic, and counter-intuitive Randomness formulation - currently foisted across much of academe - as its bedrock working hypothesis.

Potentialism Theory is an elegant and powerful formulation; it is rich, multi-faceted, heavily vetted, and bulletproof.

The Cosmic Order and our universe are, indeed, quite fine-tuned. And 21st Century humans - and their associated consciousness - are not accidents of cosmic chance.

D Birnbaum



a proposed  new paradigm

'working hypothesis' platform

for future debate & build-out


David Birnbaum Summa Metaphysica 4-books





An original, - but grasp-able - 21st Century
working hypothesis
via one all-encompassing (snapshot) equation

Extraploating back to eternal origins
and tracking across time with cosmic direction
to the cosmic goal

Infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P)
as the common denominator
& the cosmic engine
across time and space
- before and after the Big Bang

seemingly simple, but
powerful, elegant and all-encompassing


~7,000 years of civilization

through this point

So, let’s take a tour of this
(original and fully-vetted)
new paradigm hypothesis
making all these
sweeping 'simultaneous' claims....



the sole eternal 'something'?


The Eternal Dynamic: 


A central proposition of Summa:
“Potential” is the sole “concept/dynamic” which can
safely be posited as having been eternal.

  By definition.  

Meaning, by definition “Potential” – and only “Potential” –
can be conjectured to have been “eternal.”

Upon careful reflection, the above is   self-evident.  

For “Potential” vectored-in onto – and crystallized-into –
its own maximal Potential arc.

“Potential” thus achieved traction
and has never looked back.

– Birnbaum

* Potential / Possibility

The Eternal Dynamic: 


Why does it make sense
to craft a metaphysics
centered around Potential?

To craft a metaphysics, one must commence at eternal origins;
and to commence at eternal origins
one needs an eternal dynamic

A primary goal in any metaphysics is an overarching cosmic dynamic;
and a logical overarching cosmic dynamic would be some extrapolation of the eternal dynamic

once one has delineated
a truly eternal dynamic,
one can play
in the metaphysics sandbox

– Birnbaum


"May the force be with you"

"Boldly go where no man has gone before"

'What Breathes Fire into the Equations?'



to order direct via Amazon click SummaAmazon


"Birnbaum's Theory of Potential offers

a unified, grand and dynamic cosmic construct."


Cosmic Prime Mover
Quest for Potential


identity-masked clique
no Driver
hard-line Atheistic
~London area



Simultaneous Solution?



Q4P∞ C+ E+


Simultaneous Solution!

to 18 core and key

inter-related classic questions/conundrums

In cosmology / metaphysics / philosophy

- with the one proposed dynamic


the 18 points:

What ignited our universe?

What sustains it?

What propels it forward?


From whence life?

What really drives Evolution forward?

From whence consciousness?


Is there a dynamic transcending time and space?

Is the universe fine-tuned?

Is there design to the universe?


Is there direction to our universe?

Is there a universe-goal?

Is there human purpose?


What/who is the designer?

Is there a higher force?

What is this higher force?


Why does entropy not implode the universe?

What breathes life into the equations?

What defines our universe?


the concise simultaneous solution - to all 18 above:

Infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P)

seeks Complexification (C+) enroute to Extraordination (E+).


Sounds pretty elegant to us...



When we were in 6th, 7th grade math, it soon became apparent to us that if a potential solution seemed to resolve two problems simultaneously, it was inevitably the correct solution (to both).

In our case here, we have a concise proposed solution seeming to resolve, perhaps even 18+ overlapping problems simultaneously....


Classic Issues Aligned



a unified

( consistent, overarching, fully integrated)

  conceptual line of attack



eternal origins
Life Force
evolutionary theory
universe horizon

one Common Denominator


-  with  theogony and theodicy in the mix from a Religious perspective,
and, loosely defined, still in the mix from a Spiritual or Secular perspective


* Q4P  →  C+  →  E+

a proposed Framing Concept of the universe



the two key websites




(primarily multi-lingual translations of a selection of articles on Summa)


'it is truly fascinating that

an established scientific theory based on experimental evidence and

mathematic models is in such a strong agreement...'    -  Alyokhin



journal coverage


cracking the cosmic code



...of first tier of Potentialism Terms

Over the past three decades (since KTAV published Summa I in 1988) Birnbaum's Potentialism Theory has been built-out. As such, it has developed its own lexicon to describe its fundamental principle of Potentialism.

Potentialists define the universal drive of cosmology as the Infinite Quest for Potential. This is the inherent “drive” of the cosmos to seek its own ever-further complexity/sophistication/wondrousness.

Potential journeys towards a non-concretized state of infinite complexity/sophistication/wondrousness. The universe moves inexorably towards this infinite goal.


Potentialism itself represents a new metaphysics/science for a new century. It provides an overarching 21st century metaphysics that seeks no less than to encompass the scientific, the religious, the spiritual, the secular and the philosophical.

Fully encompassing all modern science, Potentialism is potentially (repeat: potentially) a candidate - in due course - for a (true) Theory of Everything – not only in scientific terms, but in all terms meaningful to humankind.

Potentialism seeks to arm those seeking an understanding of the cosmic order with the tools necessary to have a “seat at the table” for this new metaphysics. All are invited as science comes back to the metaphysics table after a de facto three century, post-Spinoza hiatus.

Following is an (abridged) short glossary of core, key terms of Potentialism.


Q4P∞ The Infinite Quest for Infinite Potential
- usually shortened to Quest for Potential in conversation, though the formal name best represents the iterative, infinite nature of Potential. This represents the universe’s innate drive towards fulfilling its true potential. Also commonly denoted as Q4P∞ or, super-shorthand: Q4P.

Note that there are multiple embedded infinities in Q4P∞:


Cosmic Womb of Potential


C+ Complexification
The hypothesized cosmic intermediate drive – “Q4P’s handmaiden” – maneuvering the cosmos towards greater complexity/sophistication/richness/integration/variety/wondrousness.

In turn, note that one of the components of Complexification just-noted above is ‘integration’; meaning, Complexification does not occur divorced from the cosmic landscape; rather, Complexification integrates into-the-process the harmonization/optimization of the ongoing Complexification with the existing bio-landscape.

Complexification seeks quantum jumps – QJs (see entry in this same Glossary) – as opposed to incremental advance.

In its ongoing march of Complexification – the universe moves ever-and-ever closer to what Birnbaum calls Extraordinariation (E+) – the universal end-goal – a horizon to be approached, but never quite realized – and a state otherwise defined as hyper-Complexification.


E+ Extraordinariation.
The end-target of this journey towards increased complexity/sophistication/wondrousness is referred to as Extraordinariation (see Extraordinariation is not so much a precise destination as an ideal goal to be sought-after, albeit never quite fully-realized.

Note that Q4P itself does not quite know precisely what E+ looks like. Q4P is so to speak 'finding its way'. Along these lines, the Cambrian Explosion may have been a re-set.


Q4P∞ → C+ → E+
[ the SuperLaw / Super-Formula ]

The fundamental, core/primal drive of the cosmic dynamic. This represents the Infinite Quest for Potential which drives the cosmic order towards greater and greater complexity and onward towards Extraordinariation.


The fusion of -

Q4P = Infinite Quest for Potential
Q3 = Quantum - information processing / computing / engineering

yields >


- the hybrid potential driver

And, it is Q4P/Q3 which tweaks the genomes
... and yields Evolution


Universe Horizon
The denouement of the universe as far out as we can project our infinitely expanding universe


Summa Metaphysica is a paradigm-changing work; it entirely changes the way we look at everything.

- M.D.


the eternal

  metaphysical spinal column, life force, Chi

of the Cosmic Order


Albert Einstein, in his book The World As I See It, stated that the harmony of natural law "reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection."



encapsulation formula
of our universe


In a letter to a child who asked if scientists pray, Einstein wrote, “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe – a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”




Summa develops the themes
that this proposed formula
 Q4P  →  C+  →  E+ 
is simultaneously:
(a) a dynamic
(b) a description of a process,
(c) the direction of the universe
(d) the teleology / purpose / 'driver' - of the universe
(e) a concise formula encapsuling the entire universe 
(f) possibly the formula for 'life force'
(g) the metaphysical/spiritual arc of the Cosmic Order


more amplification below


the quantum physics to backstop Summa Theory


a Birnbaum hypothesis

see also 2006 Programming the Universe by Seth Lloyd
Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Physics at MIT

This (2006) seminal Lloyd work came out after Summa I (November, 1988)
and Summa II (March, 2005). - and prior to Summa III (2014).



Professor Seth Lloyd - from stellar MIT - furnishes a (timely ;) crucial -
and hitherto missing - breakthrough
cutting-edge science nuts & bolts mechanics / quantum physics mechanism
to backstop the metaphysics of Summa Theory.

translation: 'Insider' Lloyd of MIT ensures (in 2006) that 'outlier' Birnbaum's proposed (1988, 2005, 2014) global and over-arching (macro-micro) paradigm shift will prevail.


  (more on Lloyd:Birnbaum further down)


the quantum physics to backstop Summa Theory (continued)


a Birnbaum hypothesis


the quantum physics to backstop Summa Theory (continued)


a Birnbaum hypothesis


On Cosmology, Evolution
per Lloyd*

"In fact, the chance of an ordered universe like ours arising out of random flips of a coin is so small as to be effectively zero."       - p. 57

"The amount of information in a gene can be measured; the human genome possesses some 6 billion bits of information."       -  p. 15


*Lloyd, Programming the Universe, Knopf, 2007, NY.


see also Birnbaum Extrapolates Lloyd






'Fusion Evolution'

Potential/Quantum tweaks the genomes


a Birnbaum hypothesis
FUSION: Metaphysics:Quantum Mechanics

Evolution / panel A

Evolution: the next focus of Potentialism Theory


To sketch out Evolution, one needs to craft a new and important term for our lexicon (to encapsule a dynamic)

As per the three panels Birnbaum:Lloyd above, Lloyd furnishes the quantum mechanics to support the Birnbaum metaphysics.

Pegging-off of Lloyd's quantum mechanics (via bits) proposition for Quantum information processing / messaging / engineering, let -

Q3 = quantum (via bits) -
information processing /
messaging /

The fusion of -

Q4P = Infinite Quest for Potential
Q3 = Quantum - information processing / computing / engineering

yields >


And, it is Q4P/Q3 which tweaks the genomes
... and yields Evolution



more below...


a Birnbaum hypothesis
FUSION: Metaphysics:Quantum Mechanics

Evolution / panel B

reminder: Q4P/Q3 is the fusion of -
Q4P = Infinite Quest for Potential and
Q3 = Quantum - information processing / computing / engineering

 Q4P/Q3 tweaking the genomes 


Note from D Birnbaum:

What Charles Darwin (On the Origin of Species 1859) reads as 'natural selection'; what George C. Williams (Adaptation and Natural Selection, 1966) and  Richard Dawkins (The Selfish Gene 1976) are reading as 'gene-centered Evolution'; what  Murray Gell-Man (The Quark and the Jaguar 1994) is viewing as 'complex adaptive systems''; what Stuart Kauffman (At Home in the Universe 1995) is reading as 'self-organizing systems'; what David Pines (Complex Adaptive Matter 2005) is reading as 'complex adaptive matter', are all actually one and the same

the Birnbaum Evolution hypothesis - 

What they are viewing, is actually Q4P/Q3 tweaking the genomes 

More technically, they are (typically) viewing Q4P/Q3 on a local-level/micro-level tweaking an individual genome.

However, the plot thickens....

a)  Q4P/Q3 Evolution is operating simultaneously in an integrated fashion across all the genomes of our planet.

b)  Meaning, the educated hypothesis is that plant genomes will be tweaked ensemble with human genomes and ensemble with insect genomes, etc.     

c)  Why the integrated choreography? Because, of course, all the 'pieces' need to advance (and fit/interact) together ensemble / efficiently / dynamically   -   on the C+ march towards E+.


the mechanism: C+  (Complexification)
the goal: E+  (Extraordinariation)
the physics back-end: see Seth Loyd
     for intro to the quantum mechanics piece

Five billion (ever more sophisticated and wondrous) species over the (3.8 billion year) course of life on our planet.

Random mutations (advancing so elegantly and inexorably)? I do not believe so.

So, Evolution, YES; but the catalyst and driver is Q4P/Q3.

Notwithstanding the politically correct pro-Darwinian view, random genetic mutations in nature are respectively highly unlikely to be the salient factor in evolutionary biology. Once again, the odds are simply too slim (read: impossible) that it all works out along the extraordinary axis which our planet's history has witnessed.

Respectfully, classic and well-established Probability Theory would reject random mutation generating five billion species over 3.8 billion years as a viable denouement. Probability Theory can be deployed for possibility, not for de facto impossibility*. [To argue to the contrary- per the mainstream consnsus - is, respectfuly, simply group-think run amok.]

As in cosmology, randomness is clearly amply present on-stage in Evolution, but, once again, is not the defining component. 

In both cosmology and evolutionary biology, Q4P/Q3 is 'cracking the whip' and 'running the show'; not Randomness. Evidence? Look around you.

Both cosmology and related evolutionary biology are 'directional', not random-chance. In both cases, we do not ride a multi-billion year trajectory towards E+ (Extraordinariation) via randomness. It is hard enough for ('directional') metaphysical/quantum intelligence Q4P/Q3 to pull this off. ;) Building-out the Cosmic Order - ongoing over the eons -  requires a prime time catalyst - Q4P/Q3.



*See Lloyd, Programming the Universe, Knopf, 2007, NY, p. 57

"In fact, the chance of an ordered universe like ours arising out of random flips of a coin is so small as to be effectively zero."


a Birnbaum hypothesis
FUSION: Metaphysics:Quantum Mechanics

Evolution / panel C

reminder: Q4P/Q3 is the fusion of -
Q4P = Infinite Quest for Potential and
Q3 = Quantum - information processing / computing / engineering


Randomess aimlessaimless

Thus, Randomness Formulation deploys a non-directional 'play' - aimlessness - somehow first to ignite our universe. and then to sustain / drive / iterate / optimize / expand our universe - over a 14 billion year span and counting. In the mix, non-directional 'aimlessness' somehow - miraculously - allegedly via random mutations - drives Evolution forward from a single cell entity to 21st Century humans and associated consciousness. Quite a feat for an 'aimless' play.

Potentialism, on the other hand, deploys its quite-directional core dynamic - Q4P/Q3 - across both Cosmology and Evolution.


Classic Random Mutation Evolution Theory has been inculcated into our psyches since we were in elementary school;  it has become de facto  dogma.

(Challenger) Evolution Fusion theory is brand new to our psyches, and our brains will need to assess this 'intruder' before accepting/intergrating the new theory. As noted at the top, "Revolutions take time to settle in". But, best not to tarry, as science moves apace...

Note, however, that once one integrates as possible working hypotheses (a) the eternality of potential, and (b) Wheeler's general proposition of It from Bit, the inevitable path vectors to Evolution Fusion - as a (significantly) more powerful alternative working hypothesis.  


- DB


[ theory development: historical trajectory ]


a Birnbaum hypothesis
FUSION: Metaphysics:Quantum Mechanics

Evolution / panel D

reminder: Q4P/Q3 is the fusion of -
Q4P = Infinite Quest for Potential and
Q3 = Quantum - information processing / computing / engineering

[ per Potentialism Theory ]

Q4P/Q3 tweaks the genomes
[ theory development: historical trajectory ]

c.  350 BCE   (384 BCE-322 BCE)    
Aristotle /
The universe has 'direction';
but that 'direction' is not known
or delineated by Aristotle

c. 1557   (1534-1572)
Baal Shem Tov / Founder, Hasidism
The entire universe is one interconnected
Life Force

c. 1677  (1632-1677)
Spinoza  / Ethics
The universe is a lattice-work;
meaning, it is thoroughly inter-connected

c. 1745   (1698-1760)
Isaac Luria / founder of Modern Kabbalah
The universe emerges from the 'No End'

Darwin /  Origin of Species
Evolution / Natural Selection

Birnbaum / Summa I Potentialism Theory
Infinite Quest for Potential (Q4P)
ignited and drives the universe

John Wheeler /  "It from Bit"
Information, Physics & Quantum
(Sub-atomic) information bits are the

foundation of the universe.

Birnbaum / Summa II
Q4P drives the universe, via
Complexification (C+) towards
Extraordinariation (E+)

Seth Lloyd / Programming the Universe
Quantum Mechanics proposition:
In each atom there are bits which
communicate with bits in other atoms
across the universe - and compute the
advance/buildout of the universe ongoing

Birnbaum / Summa III
fusion of  Birnbaum-Lloyd  re: Evolution
'Q4P/Q3 tweaks the genomes' -
to achieve C+ of species.... enroute to E+

Driven by metaphysical Q4P / Quantum Mechanics
the interconnected bits across the atoms of the universe
# process the species & context information
# assess possible routes of C+ → E+
# plan the simultaneous tweaking-choreography of
all the Earth's genomes.
# tweak the appropriate genomes
to advance  C+ → E+



grand unifcation

Metaphysics / Cosmology / Spirituality / Quantum Mechanics / Evolutionary Theory


a Birnbaum hypothesis
FUSION: Metaphysics:Quantum Mechanics

Evolution / panel E

reminder: Q4P/Q3 is the fusion of -
Q4P = Infinite Quest for Potential and
Q3 = Quantum - information processing / computing / engineering


Metaphysics / Cosmology / Spirituality / Quantum Mechanics / Evolutionary Theory


Grand Unification

 the Super Formula+ 



 Q4P/Q3 → C+ → E+ 

Potential/Quantum → Complexification → Extraordinariation


emphasis:  All the genomes on our planet are tweaked ensemble. The tweaking is choreographed to channel all the gennomes to harmoniously optimize their C+ with related genomes  - and all are ultimately related, of course - enroute together towards E+. And, as noted, the E+ target can - and does - change, as Q4P/Q3 intermittently re-calibrates.


Obviously, this SuperFormula+ could only have been valid
from the point that Quantum Mechanics has been operational in its current form.

Consequently we simply do not know if Q4P/Q3 goes as far back as solitary Q4P, probably not.



Note: it may take 'a while' to start fleshing-out this panel


The above formula may be of some possible interest to Theory of Everything* aficionados.

*rudimentary/1st generation

a directional universe



the alleged competition

the heirs to alchemy?

Issues with the (competing) Randomness formulation

Internally contradictory?
The same entrenched British Randomness academic clique which fanatically defends its (non-directional) Theory of No Theory - Randomness, simultaneously fanatically defends (directional) Evolution.

Notorious alchemists swore they could turn lead into gold. However that seems like a simple trick compared to contemporary hard-line Randomnist High Priests who profess that their theory turns the random void into our rocking and rolling -  for 14 billion years - universe.
Is the Randomness formulation simply the ‘successor theory’ to alchemy?

limitless wasted cosmic energy:
As regards infinite multiverse theory (the new-found crutch of the Randomness adherents), the Cosmic Order has better things to do than to waste virtually limitless energy launching infinite false start (and dead-end) universes. [See also Occam’s Razor, wiki]

Q4P (Infinite Quest for Potential) still necessary:
And, even if the Cosmic Order did, indeed, go down the bizarre track of infinite multi-verse to (allegedly randomly) generate our dynamic universe, it would still need (our competing Potentialism Theory's) Q4P to ignite, sustain and drive each and every one of these cute little universes.

Possibility, not Impossibility:
Classic and well-established Probability Theory would reject infinite universe theory randomly birthing, sustaining, and driving our extraordinary and ever-iterating universe over a 14 billion year span as a viable denouement. Probability Theory can be deployed for possibility, not for de facto impossibility*.

*See Lloyd, Programming the Universe, Knopf, 2007, NY, p. 57: "In fact, the chance of an ordered universe like ours arising out of random flips of a coin is so small as to be effectively zero."

Second Law of Thermodynamics:
Why does our allegedly random universe not implode from entropy? [hint: because it is driven forward by (competing Potentialism Theory's) Q4P, and not randomly]

combination - The Emperor's Clothes and The Wizard of Oz?
Is the fantastical Randomness formulation not a 1:1 parallel to these just-noted fables of vacuousness?

We are all still waiting for the actual theory:
The  hard-line Randomness clique has perfected the dark art of "toxifying" any theorist who dares disagree with their aimless and hollow construct; but, after 150+ years, for their part they have yet to produce an actual theory. [ translation: morally and intellectually 'challenged' ]

From the shadows, the Randomnist clique hyper- aggressively mauls 'directional universe' theorists, but never actually seems to present an actual theory. Are we supposed to conflate frenzied attacks with an actual theory?
To paraphrase the diss used by Texas cattlemen to characterize
big bluster / no substance characters:
These Randomness hombres are ALL HAT; NO CATTLE.

defining our universe:
There are many and significant random dimensions to our universe; but, randomness does not define it;  rather, (competing Potentialism Theory's) Quest for Potential defines it.

'Randomness' Invalidated by Fine-Tuned Universe proposition
Is the universe fine-tuned for life? This proposition has gained increasing prominence and traction.

The proposition reached critical mass in 1999 with the publication of Just Six Numbers by Martin Rees, distinguished British Astronomer Royal. The proposition is directly antithetical to the Randomness proposition; the proposition negates Randomness. Rees went on to become head of the Royal Society.

Randomness may have been frontally challenged prior, including by Summa I, 1988, but Randomness 'is slain' by the 1999 Rees work; and a stake is driven in its heart by Summa II (2005).

'Defaming' is not 'Debating'
Some hard-line Randomness proponents seem confused. 'Defaming opposing theorists' - typically through paid surrogates/hit men - does actually not qualify for 'debating opposing theorists'.

Denial of Negative Reality
The first requirement of a theorist is to deal with reality. The 'denial of negative reality' psychosis can be hazardous to one's legacy. The core tenet of Randomness - non-directionality, has been clearly scientifically demonstrated to be false; Contrary to the first - and only -  axiom of Randomness, the universe, is unequivocally directional. See Directional.

'Game Over'?
For over a decade, and on two key different fronts, Randomness is in checkmate. Both Fine-Tuned universe formulation and the empirically demonstrated Complexification C+ / complexity teleology (universe purpose/direction) respectfully frontally render the Randomness formulation of 'no directionality' fatally undermined and disproven. The emperor, indeed, had no clothes.

he Randomness 'Theory of No Theory'
No theory.
No content.
No core work.
No formulation.
No science.
No cosmology.

The earth is not flat; the sun does not orbit the earth; our universe did not randomly ignite, gain traction, evolve, and steadily iterate towards ever-increasing sophistication and wondrousness ongoing for 14 billion years and counting.

intellectual 'sleight of hand" ?
There is no scientific anchoring whatsoever.
Random universe is simply hocus pocus masquerading as science.

product of an "echo chamber" discussion?
Group Think?

Go along to get along?
Bandwagon syndrome?

more akin to the mantra of a medieval nihilistic cult
- than to a serious academic discussion in 21st Century England

"Big Brother" modus operandi
No debate; No discussion; No competition of ideas.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

is a strong proof positive for

Potentialism Theory



'a ground-breaking theory'

'Potentialism is the central drive of the cosmos'


Quick Juxtaposition
directional? Directional   Non-directional
  status Challenger   Establishment
  prime protagonist Birnbaum   secretive clique
  cosmic 'driver' Cosmic Prime Mover   no 'Driver'
  range Universalistic   hard-line Atheistic
  direction/teleology Quest for Potential  Aimlessness
  home base USA   England
  best origin date 1988, 2005, 2014   1859
  known for (directional) Q4P   (random) mutation


"The Chart"


"The Chart"
Fuller Juxtaposition
Potentialsm v. Randomness

[note: red type signifies problematic]

Issue A B C
Potentialism (classic) Randomness Randomness /
Infinite Multiverse
1 Number of Data Points Supporting the Particular Formulation trillions 0 0
2 Is the Formulation "Falsifiable"? aaa YES YES, but indeed found false bbb / formulation DISCREDITED NO ddd
[so, unscientific Formulation]
3 Is our own universe fine-tuned? YES / Q4P NO bbb / so Formulation DISCREDITED YES
4 Consonant with Second Law of Thermodynamics? ccc YES NO ccc
[so, major flaw in Formulation]
5 Simultaneous Solution? YES NO
[so, weaker Formulation]
6 Provable Inductively? YES fff NO
[so, weaker Formulation]
[so, weaker Formulation]
7 Number of Universes neccessary for Formulation 1 1 infinite∞ eee
8 Stalking horse
for a Fundamentalist doctrine
for hard-line Atheism
9 Internally contradictory? NO YES ggg  
10 Follows the principles
of Formal Logic? hhh
YES NO hhh  
11 Empirically
YES NO hhh NO iii
12 Oblivious to contradictory
evidence? jjj
NO YES jjj  
13 A 'centerpiece text'? SUMMA ? ?
14 A core equation presented?  YES
Q4P → C+ → E+
15 Universe origin /
catalyst & calibration
of Big Bang
Q4P via the quantum
calibrated the move
and ignited the universe kkk
random NO
16 directional YES NO actually partially
directional mmm
17 diversity of phenomena the formulation can explain ALL NONE  
18 'connects the dots' YES, all NO, none  
19 explanatory capability YES
NONE.  explanatory impotence
20 linked-to  Quantum Mechanics nihilism, hard-line Atheism 
21 A 'higher force' exists YES NO; contemptuous of idea;  
22 compatible-with discovery science ppp YES NO  
23 patterns to the universe YES NO; contemptuous of idea  
24 direction to the universe YES NO; contemptuous of idea  
25 'direction to the universe' provable? YES
center section
demonstrable qqq
invalidates the Randomness Formulation qqq
26 Core of Theory
provable / see C+ qqq proven wrong from two directions:
1999: Fine-tuned Universe (Rees)
2005: C+ directional (Birnbaum)
27 spirituality possible YES NO; contemptuous of idea  
28 infinite divine
YES possible / possible infinite divine potential absolutely not;
not even a 'direction' to the universe is possible
29 articles?   100+
see qqq
vicariously plant toxic & defamatory articles on opposing theorists in the accommodating Chronicle of Higher Education (sic) sss  
30 underlying
universalist doctrinaire hard-line Atheist / Fundamentalist Anti-Theist /
axiomatic - No direction/pattern whatsoever to universe (excption: Evolution)
31 Evolution YES; but see important footnotettt YES / actually
worshipful; of their deity Darwin uuu
32 intellectual heir to >  Aristotelian directionality; Spinozan lattice matrix  alchemy;  
Emperor's Clothes fable
33 Cosmic Origins
(way back
Big Bang)
Q4P split
''pure ZERO'
positive and negative
bits yyy
no clue  
34 Cosmology? Q4P → C+ → E+ qqq clueless / worship Randomness  
35 Teleology  same
Q4P → C+ → E+ qqq
clueless / worship Randomness  
36 Cosmic Goal?   E+  
Extraordinariation qqq
clueless / worship Randomness  
37 Is formullation-
bullet-proof  www bullet-ridden xxx  
38 structurally textbook 'scientific'? YES NO
see 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19
see 2, 6, 11, 17, 18, 19


Note that issues  2, 6, and 11 (just above) are inter-related; 
they are each related-to 'testability';
they are each not precisely the same.

False is bad;
Falsifiable [means, can be checked] is good.
see Falsifiability Wiki

see Just Six Numbers by Martin Rees, 1999
plus see Fine-Tuned Universe Wiki

The Randomness crew presents an aimless universe. But, per the Second Law of Thermodynamics,
an aimless universe with no central dynamic, should implode. See also separate panel below -
white text on blue background: The Second Law of Thermodynamics

therefore not scientific   / merely speculation

Many observers, including this theorist, believe that even infinite∞ universes
are insufficient for their speculation. Furthermore, this hybrid firmulation will need Q4P in any event -
for the ignition, traction, sustainment and ongoing development of every single one of these universes.

see for 40+ page proof of Summa Theory by Mark Davis
see for article in Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center publication

The Randomness directional and sole dynamic of Evolution contradicts its over-arching mythology
of (non-directional) Randomness.

Asserts a grandiose negative axiom. In toto the Randomness fomulation axiomatically and cavalierly
dismisses any possible direction - physical or metaphysical - to our ordered, expanding
and accelerating universe: Have they indeed checked out every nook and cranny across the span of
our universe - across its 14 billion year span?

We canot observe potential universes outside our own.

See Just Six Numbers, Rees (1999) et al.
Rees makes the case that the universe is fine-tuned.

See Complexification [C+] per Birnbaum (1988 and onwards)
[see major focus in Intro to Summa II, March, 2005;

Potentialism Theory's posited direction of the universe is
that (Brnbaum-hypothesized) Complexification + is the core
mechanistic driver, and is, indeed, obviously directional.

See also subsequent - similar but leaner - presentation
on 'ever-increasing complexity' - per Seth Lloyd,
Programming the Universe, Knopf (2007), pps. 5, 199-200.
Of course, presumably many others have observed the basic trajectory.
So, integrating Summa and Lloyd, Complexification is a metaphysical imperative
which translates into the physical advance via quantum messaging.

Juxtaposed against Seth Lloyd, "Then all at once the universe sprang into existence". Ibid, p. 45

Per this speculative hybrid proposition, the Cosmic Order is primed to generate infinite∞ universes  

see Discovery Science Wiki 




a) The general concept of Evolution stands.
b) 'Survivability' as a necessary component stands.
c) However, Randomness falls
[ see ]

Even though Evolution directly contradicts Randomness (directionless)

No flaw whatsoever discerned; Summa I was published 1988 by KTAV,
and, notwithstanding the Randomness / Atheist 30-year agita over Potentialism Theory,
they are unable to punch a hole in it - large or small.

breaks down on multiple fronts / see this very chart / the universe is both fine-tuned and directional

Meaning, Potentialism differentiates betwen earlier Cosmic Origins and later Universe Origins.

Summa defines 'Cosmic Order' as everything-everything, metaphysical and physical; and defines
'our universe' as our known universe, Big Bang and onwards.


The clinical translation Randomness is quite flawed - on multiple fronts.

The 'street' translation Those Randomness boys are 'peddling snake oil'.

Paradigm changing revolutions
often present a scenario of a complacent entrenched
seemingly omnipotent
immovable object
overthrown by a maverick
irresistible force
- whose time has come

- Thomas Kuhn


finessing Einstein's macro universe with Planck's micro universe?

Mission Possible?




the theory is operative across time &  space:

pre-Big Bang   +   catalyst of Big Bang   +   post-Big Bang



“All that was new in the work, was false,
and all that was true, was old”

– May 1859
sample / negative initial academic reaction
by Professor Samuel Haughton
of Dublin, Ireland
to Charles Darwin’s newly-published
Origin of Species



'the Common Denominator of 14 billion years of cosmic history/evolvement...'

'Complexification gets us from a single-cell organism 4 billion years ago > to Beethoven'




There is an order to our universe  -  on multiple levels.


Key Pillars

[ key inter-related hypotheses ]


Key Pillars
of Summa Theory
in Volume
I 1988
II 2005
II 2005
II 2005
  Q4P∞ C+ E+  
II 2005
III 2014



the fount and engine of the cosmic order



"in some manner, mind, and physical law are

part of a common scheme, mutually supporting"




"the Quest for Potential Theory challenges for the throne"


"a powerful hybrid construct - Potentialism/Quantum Universe

which readily trumps Randomness..."


for Potentialism Theory's

Cosmic Tool Kit

("advanced warfare")


(1) move cursor to center

(2) then note full-screen option icon / bottom right of gray border



a unified and overarching

universal Common Denominator hypothesis

Metaphysics   →   Cosmology   →   Evolution





"the Greeks"


"Bard College Conference"

Summa's conceptual breakthrough:

unifying Science and Religion


unifying science-spirituality-religion

International Academic Conference

Science and Religion:

A Role for Metaphysics?

Reflections flowing
from David Birnbaum's Summa Metaphysica


"Works by David Birnbaum... suggest that Metaphysics
may emerge as a critical field once again." *


- Dr. Bruce Chilton, co-Chairman
 - Dr. Gary Hagberg, co-Chairman



- from Official Program Invitation & Introduction**
BARD College Conference, April 16-19, 2012


* [ Meaning, after 300 year hiatus post-Spinoza ]






(scroll to 2012)

[ note on Conference Book ]


Bard Conference (2012) and other Potentialism Theory tapes




August 21, 2016
A.M. "Bard Grads / Millennials" Panel Summa Metaphysica - with David Birnbaum


August 21, 2016
P.M. "Bard Grads / Millennials" Panel Summa Metaphysica - with David Birnbaum


"the desire for a unified world picture is irrepressible"



David Birnbaum / Summa Metaphysica / Potentialism Theory

Unifying Science, Religion & Philosophy

October 28, 2014
ACADEMIA.EDU: Unifying Science, Spirituality & Philosophy




February 6, 2015
EPOCH TIMES: Tikkun Olam & David Birnbaum’s Summa Metaphysica




February 5, 2015
IDEASTAP: The History of Ideas & Summa Metaphysica’s Potentialism Theory




February 4, 2015
FUTURE TECH: The Birnbaum Theorem




January 28, 2015
WORLD.EDU: Philosophy: The Prime Mover of the Cosmos?




November 20, 2014
ACADEMIA.EDU: The Singularity of the Big Bang:
Juxtaposing Entrenched Orthodoxy Theory v. Potentialism Theory




November 20, 2014
ROCKET NEWS: The Core DNA of the Cosmic Order




November 19, 2014
WORLD.EDU: Philosophy: The Simultaneous Solution




November 9, 2014
NEW ZEALAND TIMES: God Does Not Play Dice with the Universe




June 4, 2014
EPOCH TIMES: Birnbaum’s Beethoven or Darwin’s Beethoven




April 8, 2014
ACADEMIA.EDU: Unifying Theory: The Quest to Unify Science, Philosophy and Spirituality




Feb 25, 2014
FUTURE TECH: 7000 Years in the Making



Proven Inductively


Harvard Kennedy School







David Birnbaum Academic Bio


David Birnbaum is a conceptual theorist. His first work God and Evil (KTAV, 1988) is considered by many to be a breakthrough modern day classic in the field of theodicy. See

Birnbaum is known globally as “the architect of Potentialism Theory” – a unified philosophy/cosmology/metaphysics. The paradigm-challenging theory (see is delineated in Birnbaum’s 3-volume Summa Metaphysica series (1988, 2005, 2014). See

A riposte to Summa Theologica of (St.) Thomas Aquinas, the Birnbaum treatise challenges both the mainstream Western philosophy of Aristotelianism and the well propped-up British/atheistic cosmology of Randomness. See

The focus of 150+ reviews/articles, Summa Metaphysica has been an assigned Course Text at over 15 institutions of higher learning globally. See

Summa Metaphysica was the focus of an international academic conference on Science & Religion in April 16-19 2012 (see The work has been very widely covered globally. See

David Birnbaum is the Editor-in-Chief of the Mesorah Matrix series on Jewish thought and spirituality. The sui generis series spans 10-volumes and 10 themes. The entire series is comprised of 200+ specially commissioned original pieces from 150-180 global Jewish thought leader essayists. See

In the history realm, David Birnbaum is the author/chronicler of the 2-volume The Crucifixion – of the Jews, and of the 7-volume Jews, Church & Civilization. His Crucifixion series, in particular, traces a direct trajectory from the Canonical Gospels in the First Century to Auschwitz in the Twentieth. See

David Birnbaum has served on the faculty of the New School for Social Research in Manhattan. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University High School (Manhattan), CCNY (City College of New York) and Harvard. His commentary blog is


See also


to order direct via Amazon click SummaAmazon


Running the Gauntlet ...


The author of a new theory is typically compelled to
'run a gauntlet of toxicity' before the new theory even gets a fair hearing

A sequenced list of toxic gambits deployed by entrenched orthodoxy academic establishments v. dynamic new paradigm theories follows:


First, the theory is politically boxed-out

Second, the theoretician/author is dissed and/or defamed - to undermine the theory

Third, the theory is cavalierly dismissed

Fourth, fake flaws in the theory are manufactured/asserted by the (now increasingly-desperate) Establishment

Fifth, the theory is aggressively politically opposed by the (now panicking) Establishment

Sixth, the (original) theory is challenged as being not so original in any event - by the (now up against the wall) Establishment

Seventh, in league with the Establishment, wannabe players attempt to co-opt original authorship


- extrapolation of saw/maxim
by Arthur Schopenhauer,
German philosopher


to review Road Map for Summa Theory

(Summa I & II only)


(1) move cursor to center

(2) then note full-screen option icon / bottom right of gray border









As noted, a key Biblcal name of God
Self-identified at The 'Burning Bush' saga
c. 1250 BCE exodus from Egypt
- Book of Exodus [ Shemot ] 3:14 is -
(in the Biblical hebrew) Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh


And, if the Divine
is the God of Potential
then THEODICY ( the problem of evil )
and THEOGONY ( the origins of the Divine )
both fall into place philosophically

See Summa I: God and Evil: Religious Man
for elucidation




[ from Summa I: God and Evil: PART II: The “Quest for Potential” Unified Formulation ]

the Genesis Point

“Independent of time, matter, and energy, and indeed, independent of a universe, existed Holy Divine Potential—the primordial Divine. At the eternal origins of out-of-time: Holy Potential within potential within potential ad infinitum—tracking to the forward edges of time.

At the embryonic stage of holiness, deep in the womb of nothingness, deep at the core of out-of-time, hinged on an indefinable and infinite circularity, there was an ascending holy metaphysical fire: Yearning, imploring, calling forth into the void.


At the eye of the primal cosmic storm, warping from out-of-time towards time, unzipping the cosmic void into positives and negatives, the infinite Divine blaze leapt forth. A creative supraconscious dynamic, transcending time, space, and eternity. Focusing its holy metaphysical force. Genesis.”



a unified

theodicy / theology / theogony / philosophy / purpose

to review Summa Theory Outline
18 propositions

(Summa I & II only)


(1) move cursor to center

(2) then note full-screen option icon / bottom right of gray border



[ alert / mini-flip-book / see note below ]
(mini-flip-book above)
      click arrow on right   >
for 10 interesting focus articles on Summa I
[note: 3 of the 10 are focused on the embedded Kabbalah matrix]

a focused YouTube channel

Unifying Science & Spirituality

by Benjamin Blech



selected excerpts from book flap


Summa Metaphysica I





David Birnbaum’s God and Evil is a major philosophical study which systematically confronts the philosophical problem of evil, and the Holocaust in particular...


Summa Metaphysica I: God and Evil: Religious Man (1988) is the first of three books in Birnbaum’s landmark three-volume Summa Metaphysica series crafted over a twenty-six year period...


In Book #1 of the series, Birnbaum introduces the concepts of Quest for Potential (Q4P), as well as God of Potential...


According to Birnbaum’s paradigm, Quest for Potential∞ drives Man and God/god and the Cosmos. Potential is the nexus. God of Potential is juxtaposed against Man of Autonomy-Freedom-Potential...


Combining modern and classic, rationalist and mystic themes...


The Summa series reshapes the contours of metaphysics, philosophy, and theology.









unifying - science, philosophy & spirituality




to order direct via Amazon click SummaAmazon



Quick Overview
One Proposed Working Hypothesis

Potentialism Theory hypothesizes that if we introduce one (conceptualized) metaphysical concept - Quest for Potential∞  - as the eternal 'driver' of the Cosmic Order, then entire inter-related clusters of hitherto unresolved issues across science, religion, metaphysics and philosophy -  including (but not limited to) cosmology, cosmogony, theogony, theodicy, teleology and evolutionary biology - are all simultaniously lanced.

The fusion of my Potentialism Theory - with MIT LLoyd's (information communication & computation) quantum mechanics - provides a quite-powerful proposition: A seamless A-Z metaphysics/physics/cosmology. Sort of what many people have been seeking for a long time.

A well-vetted and quite-possibly correct simultaneous solution - a fully integrated, all-embracing metaphysics / new paradigm - is perhaps something worth evaluating. One concept (Quest for Potential∞) resolving conundrums across a dozen+ fields? If essentially on the mark, it would indeed transform the world as we know it.

That is what SummaMetaphysica/Potentialism has proposed - starting with the focus on theodicy in Summa I: God and Evil in 1988.

All data-points vector towards the theory being correct.  After 28+ years of public vetting, not a single flaw has been discerned in it.  And as we know from 7th grade mathematics, elegant possible simultaneous solutions inevitably have a way of turning out to be correct.

Potentialism proposes that our universe indeed has a direction (Quest for Potential∞).  Advocates of an aimless and random universe have been having a public nervous breakdown over the theory since God and Evil (Summa I) was published by KTAV twenty-eight years - and six printings - ago in 1988. 

Potentialism Theory is, as well, simple yet powerful (i.e. infinitely nested).  And indeed, to add irony to the potentially pivotal theory, its proposed key to the cosmic code - Quest for Potential∞  - has always been 'hiding in plain sight'.

The theory can be viewed through a religious lens (see Summa Metaphysica I: God and Evil); a spiritual lens (see Summa Metaphysica II: God and Good) or a secular lens (see Summa Metaphysica III: The Transcendent Dynamic). 

The theory shatters various 'idols' along the way.  The world is not flat, nor is the universe random - by any means.  The universe may be far more dynamic and fully-integrated than hitherto suspected, to put matters mildly.

Various entrenched 'priesthoods' - whether in academe or otherwise - will diss any truly threatening paradigm - and will fight rearguard battles, sometimes vicious ones, to protect their power prerogatives.  But these reactionary efforts against a formidable new paradigm will ultimately fail. 

The Random Universe formulation is simply old-fashioned fundamentalist and strident hard-line Atheism masked as science.

The 14th-16th Century Vatican persecuting theorists for propounding helio-centrism, is now replaced by a hard-line Randomnist hierarchy in England (globally) undermining the careers of directional-universe theoreticians.

A zealous religious Inquisition is replaced by a zealous antireligious inquisition; Bogus Middle Ages Church doctrine is replaced by bogus 21st Century hard-line Random Universe doctrine.

In each case, too much power leading directly to ruinous and implacable hard-line doctrine - and from thence onto destruction of truth and lives.

Ultimately, the most powerful currency prevails in commerce, and the most powerful ideas/concepts prevail in the history of ideas.  Thomas S. Kuhn discussed the fierce institutional resistance faced by paradigm challenges.  See his 1962 classic, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

One can argue that my little Harvard degree is not in philosophy - or one can look at the overwhelming evidence behind the proposition - and 'listen to the music'.

I invite you to examine the hypothesis and expand your minds and your souls. 



               David B.



see also formal inductive proof:

in summation


The two current salient
overarching paradigm choices are:

• Entrenched
• old paradigm
• aimless
• heir to alchemy
• a Theory of No Theory
• anti-scientific
• parochial / hard-line Atheistic / Fundamentalist
• no core text / no website
• hierarchy: secret / ~London / legally at-risk


• Challenger
• new paradigm
• directional
• heir to Aristotelian 'directionalism'
• a well-vetted theory
• bullet-proof
• universalistic
• Summa Metaphysica 3-volume treatise*
• hierarchy: D. Birnbaum / Manhattan


*online in toto


The Next Frontier

 From my perspective, the next frontier of discussion is the following ~metaphysical question:

 Assuming that Potential is eternal, how did it morph into Quest for Potential ?

I offer some prelim speculations in Summa II...


Thank You

Thank you for graciously reviewing this presentation.

I hope I have laid out the argument cogently.


[ for the fuller treatment, see, of course. ]




Has the Entrenched Randomness Clique Strangled Global Debate?


To the Owner, Senior Editors
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Washington, DC

Eternal vigilance - on all fronts -  is the price of a free marketplace of ideas, as well.

[the buzz] 

As we speak, a certain clique is raising a large war chest

 to offer one of your well-placed staffers as a bribe 

so they can plant a super-toxic article on me in your periodical

The attempted bribe will be huge

They will offer cash payment in 100+ packs of $20s

The emissary will come in-person from a club - we are both cognizant of -
also in the DC area.

The emissary will spend the next several years of his life under investigation


You have indicated in prior interviews that The Chronicle does not go down that path.

So be it. 


[We are not lecturing you, Chronicle; we are alerting you - from our sources;
see  RICO reward  below.]


The Fall of Randomness

subtext: the ramifications of
the Randomness clique's abuse of power  

The m.o.:
From the shadows, their 'leadership clique' has rationalized a pattern of
ongoing nefarious antics/gambits to destroy competing theorists.

unable to compete 'on the merits'
the clique deploys academic thuggery -
with slander, defamation, and misinformation 
as consistently central to its messaging
- in targeting opposing theorists for destruction

The net result:
Institutionalizing the strangulation (by the Randomness clique) of global debate
as (somehow) acceptable academic practice & norm  

extra-legal modus operandi
one cannot assert that their m.o. is a legal one
Is the closest descrition - 'racketeering & corrupt' ?

a few medieval ogres calling their shots
suppress all debate * crush all dissent * destroy all dissenters 

actually a fundamentalist/hard-line/militant/nihilistic cult
masquerading as a scientific theory

In the mix,
Their stratagem conveniently aims to toxify competing theorists (typically American),
and attempts to sideline these American theories (typically 'directional universe').

The 'cover':
slap-on-the-back jocularity and  pompous self-righteous (misplaced) arrogance

The internal (delusional) mantra:
"We are Imperial" - and we alone - and unilaterally -
will decide what is acceptable academic discourse

the putative 'side benefit':
Presumably the Randomness clique would get to divvy-up global academic influence -
with 'legacy' and sundry accolades in-the-mix.... 

the ancillary toxic gambits:
the 'gaming' of Google and Wikipedia

teaching the wrong course
The Randomness clique should not be teaching Cosmology;
they should be teaching a course which they actually truly understand:
"Fascism for Beginners" : An Introductory Course

does not actually qualify as science
should not really even be brought up in the Science Department courses;  
sort of, a wrong turn in the history of science;
simply not serious

hijacked and mutated classic Atheism
mutated Atheism from: disbelievers in classic God >
rabid and millitant opponents of any 'direction' to the universe

Zombie DNA
we come, we destroy; darkness trumps light; despair trumps hope

We are the nihilist Randomness cultists

Three racketeering identity-masked ghouls on pinnacle British campuses

are allowed to decree verdicts of academic Life or Death
 on  cosmology/philosophy academics across America ???
- while Cambridge - Oxford - Imperial  
hear no evil; see no evil ?
- while cutting-edge American theorists are conveniently undermined
and/or systematically destroyed?
- And while The Chronicle (DC-based) always 'happens' to deliver
 the core (often virulently) negativity attack? - which can conveniently and readily
be parlayed by the ghouls' acolytes into a high-profile destructive Guardian article and/or 
Wikipedia piece to aid & abet the steady academic asphyxiation of the target  theorist?

a (very) small secretive, psychologically twisted clique
- dictates (quack) 'science' to the world?

- by neutralizing/eliminating competing theorists via -
secretly commissioned toxic articles; bare-knuckled academic blackmail;
and gaming Google/Wikipedia?

The core Randomness hierarchy permanently in hiding?

Three thuggish from-the-shadows misfits...

Self-appointed to play judge-jury-executioner...

Sadistic cowards...

[NOTE. My family exited Berlin in 1938; we have seen these fascist freaks before...]

The collateral damage:
# a 100+ year (at least as far back as 1900) freeze of scientific advance across multiple fields
# a betrayal of the world's trust in British academe
# the unhinging of England's venerable core academic integrity


But, as noted in the above Scroll Down, Randomness - as front & center - now falls on both key fronts: Cosmology and Evolution

And, all the king's horses
and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty
back together again

see also



To the toxic from the shadows 3-man hierarchy orchestrating the clique:

As the medical field is steadily closing in on cancer, we will steadily close in on yourselves - a cancer at the heart of academe.


To the Reader

I have worked on this project since age ten (1960), 57 years ago, when I was a 4th grade student at (Modern Orthodox Jewish) Yeshiva Dov Revel of Forest Hills, Queens, NY.

About 1/2 of the parents had emigrated from Europe at some point post-1900, some tattooed with blue numbers on their forearms. Everyone was motivated. Dual-curriculum Dov Revel was the toughest school I ever attended, Harvard-included. Per the school's DNA, established science trumped theology. And, of course, we were exposed to challenge on all fronts.

On the science front, things were hopping in the '50s and '60s in Astronomy, in particular. As you recall, in Spring 1964 Bell Labs researchers in nearby NJ accidentally corroborated the Big Bang via cosmic microwave background radiation, and a new era was de facto ushered in. That vey same Spring 1964, I graduated eighth grade.  My  little Astronomy hobby morphed into my little Metaphysics hobby.

As you know, the first (volume of the Summa series) work came out 1988, 29 years ago.

I have studied the world and the theory from as many angles as I could during this entire 55+ year duration (1960 - now ). The theory has been exhaustively vetted. At the 3+ day 2012 BARD conference, no vulnerability was discerned in Summa/Potentialism.    

I am confident in the theory.

Please be wary of any academic group - however fancy - whose signature m.o. is the de-legitimization and defamation of competing theorists; whose single-minded stratagem is the relentless obfuscation or suppression of debate - at all costs.

This is my chosen modality to break the little stranglehold of that crypto-academic group.

May truth and global advance be the ultimate victors.


Humbly submitted to my fellow voyagers on life's extraordinary journey.


D. Birnbaum NY

Note that I and many of the 50+ academics/clergy who gave me testimonials since 1988 have been the targets of from-the-shadows harassment since 2012 - orchestrated by the same identity-masked Radomness clique.

Note that some of the modalities deployed by the clique have been quite ghoulish...ongoing.


alert to the enemies of science masquerading as fancy academics:  



[Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act]

USD $25,000- Reward 

For information leading to the arrest, (extradition), conviction and imprisonment of
any individual or organizational hierarchy in the USA or England - undermining the dissemination of ideas in the USA. 

New Paradigm Matrix Foundation

The reward is being offered directly by the New Paradigm Matrix Foundation, NY.

The logo of the DOJ/FBI is for identification of the statutory authority.

The reward is doubled for the identity-masked head of the racketeering organization.



To Randomness 'club members' globally


Note from a Friend
Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial
et al.

Best not to allow a foothold on your campuses to those who would strangle global debate

Respectfully do not allow academic thugs to hide behind your skirts

Best not to allow enemies of science to position yourselves as their 'enablers'


"Scientia Imperii decus et tutamen"

Note that Cambridge University, in particular, has more than enough leverage
to unilaterally put an end to all of this Golden Triangle academic thuggery - within 24 hours.


And, to the New Guard -
poised in the wings

There is now an opening

Your path is now radically clearer

The incumbent hardline clique
is clearly exposed as
intellectually and morally bankrupt

Their asphyxiation of global debate
is now past-tense

They leave a global trail of destruction

They are holding an empty hand

They are on the wrong side of history

Their obtuseness is only trumped
by their cowardice

Their stranglehold is now breached

Now is the moment

The future is your's


Carpe Diem



With special homage to timeless thinkers -

A.I. Kook
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Thomas Merton

We hitch a ride on the shoulders of giants,
so we can potentially scan the edge of the horizon
just a touch further out....

And, of course we salute our esteemed guide Guatama Buddha

- Birnbaum


“Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution”

– Subcomandante Marcos
   Leader, EZLN
   Mayan farmers' revolutionary movement
   Chiapas, Mexico, 1994


see short, but important, piece

The Empire's Fanciest Gangsters

below the signature
underneath the white area below





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Note: David B will be shown all philosophy-cosmology
related emails same business day.

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The Empire's Fanciest Gangsters


Note that the Randomnist clique has deployed a wide array of grotesque and obscene libels and slanders to suppress and undermine Potentialism Theory. For instance, see the 'plant' in the (British hometown favorite) The Guardian, a hatchet job masked as serious, objective  journalism.

90% of The Guardian piece is quite severely 'compromised'. 'Red meat'' for the local British atheist horde, of coure.

the back story -

"We get this Birnbaum boy into our Guardian Gas Chamber, drop in our signature 'Made in England' defamation pellets, link all our allied atheist periodicals globally to sustain high google ranking for years, and watch this 'New Yorker' gasp for breath and slowly asphyxiate....We will turn his little lean & succinct  theory cum formula to ......ashes."

"Submerge his Harvard alma mater; submerge his 'so-perfect' simultaneous solution theory; submerge his 150-author Mesorah Matrix series; submerge his God and Evil work Summa I Course Text in 15 colleges; submerge his zillion testimonials and journals. Make all these credentials disappear completely for our major Guardian article. Strip his resume bare -
so we can fill it with obnoxious gossip - which we, of course, manufactured in the first place."

In fact, do not even discuss his theory - at all; stick to anonymous-source defamation and
crude ad hominem attacks. Destroy him.

"Screw the American so-called 'academic community'; screw these naive American colonists.
We will not lose to them again. We, of course, know how to play hardball."

Now, of course, under US Congressional Committee oath a majority of those quoted in The Guardian piece can relate to us all the academic blackmail they were subjected-to. The presidents of any five of Americas's top 100 colleges/universities have only to jointly publicly request hearings, 

Remember, all the toxic roads noted above inevitably lead back to the campuses and Atheist clubs and journals of the very same three British 'pinnacle' universities.

And, of course, it is but one seamless 'tag team'. Reaping the benefits, including the Nobels, but (hitherto) evading/shirking responsibility/culpability. 

The British 'pinnacle academic creed'? Not complicated.  Maintain a 'united front'.  Keep clearing the global playing field of anything/anyone challenging our Randomness/Aimless core doctrine (of no doctrine). Any theory/theorist even thinking about a Directional universe play is to be destroyed. By whatever means possible. Truth and knowledge are irrelevant. Do not lose control of the chessboard here.  Then, we split the prizes and status and legacy among ourselves. If no real theory out there, we win; If an actual viable Directional universe theory out there, we lose. 

Prizes and rankings uber alles.

All for the glory of the eternal British Empire, no?